It is my pleasure to say thank you to all the people who have made The Boston School of Electrolysis™ of Scottsdale, Arizona such a wonderful success.

The Boston School of Electrolysis primary goal has always been to provide you the best quality computerized Electrolysis-Electrology treatments available. To express my appreciation to the Phoenix-Metropolitan community The Boston School of Electrolysis™ and its publication The Five Star Electrologists© will continue its informational web site as a public service.

The Boston School of Electrolysis primary goal has always been to provide you the best quality computerized Electrolysis-Electrology treatments available. To express my appreciation to the Phoenix-Metropolitan community The Boston School of Electrolysis™ and its publication The Five Star Electrologists© will continue its informational web site as a public service.

For the record I write all articles and most notably The Five Star Electrologist, Americas Online News and Education for the Electrologist and Consumer©.

Because of your patronage my appointment book is always full and if I did not care about my chosen profession I could save a lot of money by investing it elsewhere. However after becoming a Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979 we learned not only do we provide a valuable professional service but also we have made a commitment and obligation to the welfare of the general public. Since I feel so strongly about my chosen profession I support an uncompromising stand against all the wrongs that are done against the general public by the greedy laser parlors and their affiliated quacks. As stated my appointment book is full and my specialty is to treat unwanted severe facial problems only. Nevertheless I can always find opening when another patient is finished.

The Boston School of Electrolysis™ web site other goals are to provide the public editorial viewpoints, truthful news, information and ongoing education for the practicing electrologist and consumer.

This is done so you the consumer never have to experience buyers remorse or worse. The Electrolysis-Electrology Professional Industry is 119-year-old woman owned and operated professional industry that is always besieged about every ten to fifteen years by some new form of quackery that claims permanent hair removal. At present the laser parlor operators are the latest cyclical plague of quacks that have attacked the Electrolysis-Electrology Professional Industry. Like other plagues before them they are dieing off because they the laser cannot induce permanent hair removal in any form or manner.

Fact, lasers emit harmful ultraviolet radiation that can stimulate pre-cancerous moles and other skin abnormalities to turn cancerous!

Fact, this can result in the most deadly and untreatable squamous cell carcinoma that metastasizes and can kill you in 16 weeks. In addition, the laser parlors often cause first, second and third degree burns. Also the laser causes premature aging of the skin by destruction of sebaceous glands and collagen fibers that result in lost suppleness and elasticity of the skin is another undesirable side affect. Just click Electrolysis News on the Boston site to be updated therefore will I do my best to write and gather information so the practicing electrologist has the educational technological terms. In addition you the consumer have the right to truth in lay terms that will enable you to be knowledgeable so you can make the right choice the very first time when it comes Electrolysis the only safe method of permanent hair removal.

For your information when I first started publishing articles about temporary hair removal by the laser parlors they were not very happy.

In 1998 the laser parlor quacks actually offered me a large check with five zeroes to endorse their laser as being superior to electrolysis. Into the bargain they also included a brand new laser free of charge with a weekend training course. Well I said, “I have studied your claims and to date you do not have one double blind study by a reputable testing authority such as Underwriters Laboratories to prove the lasers wild unsubstantiated claims.” The countered by saying, “You can make a lot of money with out having to work to hard.” Further on I stated, “You have not published one scientific thesis or reputably written medical paper based on common sense science that proves the laser is safe or that it effects permanent hair removal.” Additionally the laser parlors safety record for temporary hair removal is seriously challenged and riddled with scandalous lies where the laser parlor quackeries with criminal intent have illegally suppressed serious medical malpractice evidence with undeniable photographic proof. Supplementary investigation reveals that the laser parlors have deliberately failed to report accidents of serious physical disfigurements and mutilations to the FDA, state medical boards and other state regulatory safety boards and commissions as required by law. Why do the quacks think they are above the law?

To top it off when I refused all their offers they retaliated by criminally harassing myself with telephone abuse, hang-ups and having their stooge friends and employees make phony appointments.

Furthermore these unidentifiable cowards threatened me with physical violence if I would not stop writing articles that expose their medical malpractice where patients have been physically mutilated, financially ripped off and just plain lied to. On top of that my written articles prove beyond a shadow of doubt that laser parlors have no federal or state approved educational requirements. In addition there is not one state board of laser hair removal that licenses and registers individuals with required education, training, testing, safety and ethics in all of the United States of America. In essence the laser parlors are a totally fraudulent unregulated out of control industry that claims to be medical professionals. With criminal intent these two bit rip-offs routinely use false deceptive advertising and are what they appear to be scam artists who have absolutely no morals or ethics. Their primary goal is to separate you from your money with out having to work for it.

In the very future The Boston school of Electrolysis™, The Five Star Electrologist©, will publish a list on known scam artists, rip-offs and degenerates as a public service regarding all forms temporary of hair removal. So if you have been a victim that has suffered permanent skin damage by a laser parlor I will publish your photograph and write an article in support of you.

In summation I Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, now offer my services as an expert professional witness before a court of law involving litigation against laser hair removal malpractice.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Author in total

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