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Every woman with an unwanted hair problem seeking a safe and expedient way to permanently remove their unwanted hair will choose to undergo electrolysis.  

The AMA and the FDA approves and states that only electrolysis will result in permanent hair removal to attain a smooth, sleek and healthy complexion. Once you have made your decision to undergo the process of electrolysis, it is most important that you find an experienced professionally educated state licensed and registered electrologist in order to perform your treatments. Selecting a licensed and registered electrologist is your first step and ensures that your treatment will be performed in a safe comfortable effective manner plus the office meets all safety and health standards including state board regulations.

The most important aspect to find out about a potential electrologist is to make sure they are professionally educated, state licensed and registered as an electrologist and bonded.

Furthermore their license and registration must be in good standing with their state board of electrologists. Consumers beware most recently uneducated non-licensed electrologists are claiming they are Certified Professional Electrologists, Certified Clinical Electrologists and Certified Medical Electrologists. This article is to show how to avoid making the wrong choice first time out and how to spot their fake diplomas.

Don't be afraid to ask the electrologist questions with rampant fraudulent diplomas being manufactured by desktop publishing it is the best way to insure your electrologists credentials is to validate their professional license and registration.


The first question to ask, are you a state licensed and registered electrologist? If your unsure about the person you're seeing who claims to be licensed and registered electrologist ask to see their state electrologists pocket license. A state pocket license has an official state seal with their license number, expiration date and state control verification on the backside. You can compare their license number to the one their diploma. If your are still unsure take a few minutes and call their state board of electrologists or go online to verify their license and registration. With no if ands or buts asking the above questions it will insure that you will have a safe competent treatment and develop a professional bond of trust with your electrologist.

However I urge all consumers to beware of Non-Licensed electrologists using the below "Diploma Mill Titles”. In addition any titles that use the word "Certified” before electrologist means they are not a state licensed and registered.


Certified Professional Electrologist
Certified Medical Electrologist
Certified Clinical Electrologist
Certified Electrologist
Professional Certified Electrologist Top Pro Top Contributor
Hairtell Top Pro
Hairtell Moderator
TG Recommended Electrologist





The above schools never existed and if some one claims to be graduate please notify or send your complaint to Arizona State Board Of Post Secondary Education and ask for Deputy Director Keith Blanchard.

In addition Non-licensed Certified electrologists belong to the electrolysis groups listed below. Consumer beware these groups do not require an individuals claiming to be an electrologist to be educated, state licensed and registered as an electrologist for membership. In addition fake non-licensed uneducated electrologists use the initials from these organization to inflate their phony portfolios and advertisements.

The American Electrology Association
Member OF AEA

Member OF IGOA
International Guild of Electrologists

Member Of IGOHRS
International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists

The Society For Clinical & Medical Hair Removal

The Society of Clinical & Medical Electrologists

The Arizona Electrolysis Association went out of business in 1991.

Below is an example and use of titles and initials used by "fake electrologists."

James W. Dunce VII, CPE, AEA
Member of AEA American Electrolysis Association
HairTell Pro & Top Ten Contributor & TG Recomended Electrologist

Would you trust a non-licensed uneducated physician to treat you or family member?

Of course not and it should be the same for you electrologist. Example when you call the supposed electrologist and they answer, "Abracadabra Electrolysis”, and you ask, are you a licensed electrologist? The reply, "There is no need to be a licensed as an electrologist in Arizona.” From there most would be lost but I would realize that there are licensed electrologists in Arizona its just that you have to look harder to find is.

For some time now I have been writing letters to state legislators to create a state board of electrologists to no avail.

Not having a state board of electrologists in Arizona has resulted in Arizona being the "The Wild West Of Electrolysis " where any thing goes. Nonetheless no matter what their intention might be I have never met one non-licensed electrologist that could perform a quality electrolysis treatment. In fact I much rather say if their intentions are honorable as the claim they would find the time and resources to attend an national accredited electrolysis school and earn their state license and registration as an electrologist like every one else.

Nevertheless it most obvious that these quacks are able to buy or publish their credentials and become a Certified Professional Electrologist for $225.00 do not have your best interests at heart. Additionally many of them have no idea of the damage they cause because there not bright enough to be aware that the supposed 120-course with no practical examination qualifies them as electrologist.

What is Certified Professional Electrologist?

Consumers beware of the fake non-licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists who use these titles in states like Arizona with no electrolysis requirements. The Certified Professional Electrologist correspondence course is only is a mere 120 hours with no practical examination. In addition this 120-hour diploma mill course does not have a requisite High School graduate, background and criminal check and required health examination for contagious disease.

What's the difference between Certified Clinical Electrologist and Certified Medical Electrologist?

First of all the only difference between a Certified Clinical Electrologist is that certificate costs $200.00 per year for membership and the deluxe Certified Medical Electrologist is $300.00 per year. Facts both of these titles do not require any electrolysis educational training, testing or licensing. As soon as your check for membership clears your embossed ornate diploma and congratulatory letter is sent to them stating that you are now a Certified Clinical Electrologist or Certified Medical Electrologists depending how much you paid.

After you have established that only an experienced, trained, tested state licensed and registered electrologist will meet your standards make your appointment for a no fee consultation. From there inquire as to how much professional experience they have, how long they have been practicing.

The practice of electrolysis is performed in the privacy of the electrologist office and not a public center, salon or laser parlor that compromises your privacy. The best licensed and registered electrologists work using the latest computerized electrolysis equipment. Licensed electrologists in a state like Arizona with not licensing requirements means that you have to look a little harder to find a real electrologist. Licensed and registered electrologists can be found in most major cities to the smallest towns and can be found either through referrals from medical physicians, friends or family or listed on the internet. Before you make an appointment make sure they are a state licensed and registered before you go to their office for in person consultation. Furthermore licensed electrologists do not demand that you pay ahead for a package of ten treatments. Beware of the non-licensed Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor operators that require advance payment of more than two treatments.

What about registered nurses, cosmetologists and others who claim to be a electrologist? 

Electrolysis is a professional occupation  that many fail to master and unless they attended an accredited electrolysis school they do no know what their doing. How do think a nurse or cosmetologist would react if I advertised Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean licensed electrologist and Certified Nurse or Certified Cosmetologist? You can bet they would call their state board and make a complaint.  An experienced licensed and registered electrologist is a highly trained specialist and the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course does not render a Nurse, Cosmetologist or skin care specialist as a competent electrologist. Fact I know many nurses in Massachusetts who are required to go to electrolysis school and every one of them said, "Kimberly, electrolysis is just as comprehensive as to what I learned in nursing school."

It is often possible to get extensive information on an electrologists practice by calling them or researching their company website. From there you can often make an initial appointment with a no fee-consultation.

It is usually common practice to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the procedures you want done and have the electrologist evaluate your unwanted hair problem. Because the process of electrolysis can often permanently destroy the hair growth of a certain area, it is extremely important to make sure that you decide which areas of your body you want to have the procedure done to. The electrologist will usually go over the specifics of the procedure with you, such as how the process works, how long it should take to cover the areas you want, and what the costs will be to have the procedure performed. Make sure that the services they offer match what you require. Because most electrologists have many patients, you will usually need to schedule a specific time in order to have the procedure done. For people who only want small areas covered, it may only require a short one-time stay, but for those who want large areas covered, it may require more than one visit to the electrologist. Make sure you understand the time requirements of the procedure before deciding to have any work done. Because the process of electrolysis is a medical procedure, it is important that you choose the right professional the first time.

For the record I have never met a non-licensed self-taught electrologist that could perform a safe competent treatment.

Thank you your time and attention,

Kimberly  Williams, R.E., Dean

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