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If you are thinking about becoming an electrologist there are many factors that you should consider however in my book the best electrologists are experienced, educated, trained, tested, licensed and registered. Without one doubt the most successful electrologists realize that this is a profession not a trade however in states with no legislated laws the consumer have to navigate a maze of unethical certified non-licensed electrologists also known as "Hacks” whose education is a sham at best is a 120-hour. On the average Boston School Of Electrolysis™ receives up to ten queries per month about becoming an electrologist nonetheless I would to point out that Boston School Of Electrolysis™ is a finishing school for licensed and registered electrologist only.



Furthermore about 25 to 50% of those queries received are from from prospective electrologist students and the first question they always ask is how long is your course?

After that they ask me if I could you make a recommendation for an electrolysis school in Arizona? Additionally I inform them that Arizona has no educational requirements to practice electrolysis and being a firm believer in mandatory license and registration for all electrologists I strongly recommend that you travel to a state where upon graduation you take your take state board exams and become a licensed and registered electrologist. During these conversations it is my goal point out that Arizona has become a breeding ground and safe-haven for the uneducated certified 120-hour non-licensed hack electrologists that have spread like vermin. In addition these certification 120 crash-course schools have no minimum educational requirements such as minimum of a high school diploma. Moreover non-licensed certification schools are fly by night and do not require a background or criminal check, which means fellow students or non-licensed instructors, could be could be a felon or a sex offender.

However my conversations with prospective electrologists you would be surprised as how many prospective students would be willing to travel out of state to become a real professional and become a licensed and registered electrologist.

Fact and for the record being out of state and trying to find the right school for you is challenging task. It's a disadvantage of not knowing where and what electrolysis school to select. Location is a major factor nevertheless I have received calls from the non-licensed states where the student is willing to travel to attain the right credentials to become a licensed and registered electrologist.

In addition Boston School Of Electrolysis™ is now offering counseling services for those considering becoming a licensed and registered electrologist. In addition beware of the non-licensed electrologist schools and their quick buck certifications courses that turn many future electrologists into hacks by side tracking them to non-licensed Certified Electrologists 120 hour quick-buck courses where you are guaranteed not to flunk. In addition these certified quick buck courses charge you the prospective student electrologist double and triple the tuition a legitimate school that license and registers electrologists. After you're 120-hour course they turn you over to a non-licensed electrologists association for membership that charges you even for more to become an official non-licensed certified electrologist.

Now comes their real pay off after they have set their hooks in you they are going sell that student electrologist their electrolysis equipment such as your epilator, table, lighting, sterilizer, chair and other equipment that is marked up to 500% and more.

So that easy 120-hour quick buck crash electrolysis school that certifies you this, that, these and those that promise to have you making the big bucks in no time has cost you up to $20,000.00 or more. However the real pains sets in if you took a student loan and you are paying off the interest and balance or a credit card at the same time for the money that you borrowed. Than when you think what could be worse, you have no idea what to do for you patient who walks in your door let alone you have entered a highly competitive market with a worthless piece of paper and heavily in debt.

For the record these 120-hour course that certify you as an electrologist should be outlawed and the owners of these "Hack Schools" and the fabricators of the quick buck courses should be sent to prison for life.

Additionaly the 120-hour non-licensed certified electrologist course does more damage to the Electrolysis Industry's reputation while bringing harm to the consumers with unacceptable substandard electrolysis that cause skin damage, pain, loss of income and disappointment. However the real damage is that most likely the prospective student who became an "Electrolysis Hack" had genuine altruistic aspirations. However it's proven fact non-licensed electrologists fail and often become the scourge of the profession known as "The Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator" AKA an "Electrolysis Hack."

Boston School Of Electrolysis Guidance Counseling For Future Electrologists!

Fact, I was most fortunate to be a graduate of Miss Kelly's Of Electrology of Quincy Massachusetts founded in 1933 and as a struggling student who became successful I know the value of a dollar. So if you are a prospective electrolysis student in need of Guidance Counseling to select the right electrolysis school for you no matter what state you live I offer these services. There is an old saying, "You get what you pay for" often proves true nonetheless that's not true all the time and in my 30 years of experience have taught me to shop around for the best deal.

Enrollment and tuition fees for electrolysis schools that license and register you as an electrologist can start off as low $2500.00 and goes up to $20,000.00 depending upon their state board of electrologist's requirements.

In addition to that the actual costs of setting up your office can be quite economical if you know just where and how to shop. The best American manufactured Computerized Epilators new are about $2000.00 to $3000.00 and for a used or reconditioned computerized epilator start about $800.00 and up. Fact knowing when, where, and how to buy can save you allot of money however the best computerized epilators need specialized advanced training that most schools do not provide. In addition beware most distributors do not offer training on a computerized epilator.
Electrolysis Practical Application and Techniques.

Fact every electrolysis school has its own claim to fame and that includes their practical technique and this is where you must take care. Basically there are two techniques of practical application one is called the original so called two-handed progressive technique, which in my professional opinion is quite slow and awkward for the electrologist, and frustrating for the patient because at best only 100 hairs are being treated per hour. With this technique they often use a lamp with built in magnifier, which again slows your work down to a crawl.

The accepted Industry Standard of Practical Application is, "The Kelly Technique."
Without one doubt depending if your or right or left-handed I am right handed so my left hand stretches the skin and the right hand cups the forceps that remove the hair while simultaneously holding the probe holder and inserting the probe down into hair shaft of the follicle without the patient sensing it.

Fact this is the most advanced form and technique of practical application for the electrologist and patient in addition you must have a pair of specially fitted magnifiers that provide you full peripheral vision that present you with unhindered vision of the entire area to be treated. In addition this technique frees you from having to use a clumsy round diopter-magnifying lamp that distorts your vision. Additionally most patients and uneducated certified electrologists are unaware that there are no never fibers inside the follicle, which means if your electrologist is well trained and adept there is no pain with the insertion and a slight tingle with the electricity.

Most up to date electrologists in America have opted for the Industry Standard of practical application known as the Kelly Technique, which has been in use in since 1933.

When it comes to facial hair removal the Kelly Technique trained the student to work from behind the patient, which in turn allows the electrologist to encompass and cradle the patient's head and face. In addition electrolysis tables where set in a narrow confines thus leaving the student electrologist one option and that you have to learn to work from behind which ensures that student electrologist would learns the back-shot, which is the most accurate and quickest of all insertions. In addition after instructing you in the basics Diana Kelly the instructor allowed you to develop your own individual style and technique as long your insertions remained accurate.
Relocating to Arizona in 1991 I was surprised there was no State Board of Electrologists and being a professionally trained and educated electrologist is quite advantageous.

Nonetheless every new patient where surprised to discover hear how much more work per hour that I can complete compared to other electrologists whether they be licensed or not. In addition it's apparent that many electrologists are not licensed and have not progressed and still are still using the antiquidated outdated two-handed so called progressive technique that was first used in the first electrolysis treatments in 1876.

Electrolysis was originally invented for the treatment of "Trichiasis" which is defined as inflamed, infected ingrown hairs of the eyelid that curve grow backwards into the follicle or the eye itself this often caused infections that resulted in blindness. Electrolysis evolved into a professional industry so basically the two-handed progressive technique was applied to other areas and that was beginning of the profession.

It's the year 2009 and all patients need positive reinforcement however it's more important that the actually see significant progress and improvement with every treatment.

Nonetheless when it comes to electrolysis for permanent hair removal the outdated two-handed progressive technique is painstakingly slow where at best you can treat about 100 hairs per-hour. Furthermore all patient needs to see real improvement with every treatment and treating only 100 hairs per hour is unacceptable when the "Industry Standard" known as the "Kelly Technique" has been available since 1933. Electrologists who use the Kelly Technique, the Industry Standard with a modern computerized epilator can authenticate form 300 to 900 hairs treated per-hour because the computerized epilators have counters.
The Industry Standard, The Kelly Technique
The progress of electrolysis marched on and so Diana Kelly founder of Boston's first formal school of Electrolysis Miss Kelly's School Of Electrology 1933. The Boston areas schools evolved and so did their techniques and students from all over the United States attended Miss Kelly's School of Electrology and so this revolutionary technique has taken hold and finally worked its way out through most of the West. Having always believed in utilizing the best and the most advanced technique and equipment for permanent hair removal to the present day there are electrologists in West that cling to the past and are still using the outdated so called two-handed progressive technique.

It is my professional opinion it's time to move on and learn the accepted Industry Standard the "Kelly Technique" which enables an electrologist using a State of The Art Computerized Epilator where 300 to 900 hair per-hour is considered routine treatment.
Treatment Modes Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend, which works best?

Now,now I can hear seeds of discontent among certain electrologists in the "Peanut Gallery" who are whining and claiming that they only use Galvanic with their outdated two-handed progressive technique. They're out there yelling that's impossible or you are only using Short-Wave treatment.

The best electrologists know to restrict yourself to one mode of treatment is downright retarded. Fact every patient is unique as a fingerprint and without one doubt some patients and their hair types respond better to certain modes and currents. Due to sensitivity some patients do better with Short-Wave, Blend while others tolerate Galvanic quite well and vice versa. Nevertheless when I have a serious case where a woman has beard my first goal is clear her face and neck using a Computerized Epilator in the Short-Wave mode where I treat and remove 300, 600 and 900 hairs plus per-hour is possible. Using my systematic technique, which eliminates the patient's need to shave, which is often the cause of many unwanted hair problems?

Additionally in a short of time it to takes approximately 12 to 20 hours of treatment to do the initial clearing which is usually can be completed in a time frame of two to four weeks to clear the face. After the area is cleared and under control I use Blend and Galvanic currents to treat more resistant hairs while maintaining a hair free complexion between treatments.

In my professional opinion the best electrologists have had a serious unwanted hair problem and I would not have any peace until each and every unwanted hair on my face was permanently removed. The Kelly Technique makes large initial clearings possible utilizing using all three modes of treatment Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend. When encountering tough resistant distorted hairs its best to rotate all three modes Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend to apply which mode or modes works the best for particular types of resistant hair.

It is a shame when an electrologist actually buries their head in the sand like an "Ostrich" and refuses to recognize advances within the "Electrolysis Industry" such as a the R.A. Fischer Series Four CBX-Pro-Blend programmable computerized epilator.

Utilizing specialized lighting and magnification. There is no excuse for electrologist not to keep up with new training and technology those often double and even triples the patient's progress. A good way to reference this concept is to ask yourself would you let a physician-surgeon who never upgraded their skills operate on you? Of course not and the same goes for your electrologist however believe it or not there are too many electrologists using ill fitted magnifiers and a practical technique that was invented in 1876 in addition to restricting their practice to one mode of treatment with an outdated non-computerized epilator. Using outdated non-computerized equipment is absurd and totally unprofessional let alone it lacks any scientific merit for doing so. Furthermore beware of electrologists that use only mode of treatment and use homemade electrolysis equipment.

Time is our most precious resource.
No doubt about it time is our most precious resource and if you have a severe unwanted facial hair problem and your electrologist says, "I only use the outdated two handed progressive technique with a noncomputerized equipment it is time to find a new electrologist. You would do best to locate a licensed electrologist who lives in the Twenty First Century and make sure they use Industry Standard, Kelly Technique. In addition make sure they have a late model State Of The Art Programmable computerized epilator that it has all three modes; Short-Wave-Galvanic and Blend. Fact and for the record I will say again it outdated equipment will prolong your patients treatment which will result in them looking elsewhere.

In my professional opinion the best electrologists have had a serious unwanted hair problem and I can never forget trying to find an electrologist that was properly trained and used the most advanced equipment of that time.


Now that you are aware of the differences in Electrolysis and how it is taught it is very difficult to make the right choice and that is what I am about. Fact I know quite a few electrolysis schools and states that only require 129, 299, 400, 500 and 600 hours of combined training that will license and register you as an electrologist starting at $2500.00 up to $25.000.00. You are curious as to how a school can charge so little for tuition and stay in business? Fact certain fast paced electrolysis schools have curriculums that require you to have 300 hours and up for practical training plus 200 hours up classroom theory however the schools charges about $25.00 per hour for student work. For your information students are not paid to do electrolysis so therefore most school do quite well considering that you must perform at least 250 hours of practical treatment where you are not paid.

Depending on what state you live in that requires a license and registration to practice and knowing what kind of equipment and technique they use can make the difference in what it takes to become a successful licensed and registered electrologist. In addition some electrolysis schools in the West will train you in the Industry Standard Kelly technique but you have to request it. Additionally if they do offer it, ask for demonstration and make sure that it is in writing and in your contract. For your professional well being when you sign that contract make sure it is printed in black and white what technique you prefer and which one you will be trained.


One of my best trade secrets are properly fitted magnifiers, which are absolutely essential for you to perform outstanding quality electrolysis treatments. Poorly fitted magnifiers will give you headaches, eyestrain, and not allow you to do your best work. Well-fitted full-lens magnifiers actually strengthen your eyes while making the learning experience of electrolysis a positive one instead of an ongoing struggle.
The first step in your training is learning to realize and recognize that the magnifiers you purchased 10 or twenty years ago while in Electrology-Electrolysis school that you probably still use today are out of date and have been since they were manufactured.

While a student at Miss Kelly's School of Electrology I was shown a drawer with plastic half lenses with square box plastic magnifiers attached that flipped over. These and similar types cost from $15.00 to $30.00 almost the same as when I started school in 1976. For the record after trying them on I found them most uncomfortable and totally unsuitable so I went to the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and had a specialized pair made with a full lens. After a complete eye examination my magnifiers were made with real glass not plastic and glass magnifiers make a dramatic improvement in clarity and sharpness. Lens are fitted with the right frame that make them most comfortable in addition quite often prisms are added to each lens to prevent eye muscles from weakening while strengthening your eyes at the same time.

While working on my patients I tried to tell my fellow students of the advantages of the custom magnification that I use. Students complained that $300.00 was just too expensive and they said, "You're just a beginner how do you know what works best?"

Seeing is believing and with the magnifiers I use hairs stand out and look little trees and the orifice also known as opening of the follicle looks like a rabbit hole where you have a real advantage inserting the needle down the follicle shaft without the patient feeling it. Yes, seeing believing and I have no trouble inserting the needle down a follicle shaft that measures in the thousands of an inch in diameter from .0001, .0002, 000.3 and .0004 and up. In addition to that the patient never senses the insertion of the needle and when looking at the treated hairs they look like little logs lying on the patients face.

Additionally when you hold a treated hair up close with the forceps you can see glistening root sheathes and perfectly intact hair from the papilla to the tapered tip at the end. A perfectly intact hair tells you have treated the hair correctly and hit the target 100% and that is what quality electrolysis is all about.
Observing fellow students working it were obvious how most of them struggled and after asking a few students if I could look through their lenses?

The ones with little black square boxes and other clip on lens totally limited ones vision and that will hinder the quality of your work. After returning them to the student I continued to watch them struggle to do one insertion after the other. Comparing all of them to my full lenses most notably students who did not wear glasses complained of eyestrain after only an hour of practical application.

Over the years I continued to advance the quality level of magnification however to this very day one can still see electrologists to this very day using the same antiquidated magnifiers.

Having also tried surgical loops which encumbers and slows down your work; it is my opinion that most electrologists buy them just to impress their patients. Fact having observed electrologists using large mounted stationary diopter, which distort the image and the entrance of and to the follicle besides making work extremely, slow. It's the year 2009 and any electrologist that does not have a custom fitted pair of full lens prescription with full peripheral magnifiers will perform less than optimum and acceptable treatments. In addition their patients will suffer from poor insertions and on top of that all their work will be painstakingly slow instead of quick efficient and comfortable.

In summation, seeing is believing and a pair full lens magnifiers is the requisite first step for an electrologist to be able to perform consistent high quality computerized electrolysis treatments with ease.
You can read this about magnification at However if you are looking to become a successful licensed and registered electrologist you must have a plan before even select your school. Depending upon the school you select there are many pitfalls where you can become trapped and waste your valuable time, money and resources. The Boston School Of Electrolysis™ Guidance Counseling consists of four hours of actual telephone interviews with me by appointment only. In addition, I will supply you with lists of what I consider the best schools depending upon you location, needs and your finances. Furthermore my counseling shows you how to purchase your equipment at the best price for either new or used State of the Art Computerized epilators and electrolysis equipment.

If you are prospective or student electrologist or a recently graduated electrologist can have an in person interview with myself where I demonstrate my practical skills and technique so you will know what is your potential as an electrologist could be.

It is my professional opinion in the next five to ten years from now the consumer will have a difficult if not impossible time locating a highly skilled licensed electrologist that can affect permanent hair removal and be able to treat the toughest cases with ease. It's a known fact the electrolysis is a labor intensive profession and the demand for a competent licensed and registered electrologist will be high and the cost of treatment will be quite expensive. My 30 years of experience field with 20 of those years using the computerized epilator have taught me that the Electrolysis will never be replaced. Furthermore Electrolysis Schools have lost valuable resources and accumulated knowledge in addition the fact the better-trained and more experienced electrologists are remaining in private practice.

Electrologists Complain!

For the past five years I have heard electrologists complain that the laser was the cause of their losses. However in my professional opinion their real reasons for those losses are that the majority of practicing electrologists about 80 to 90% percent of them have not upgraded their practical skills and reinvesting with new computerized epilator that has been available since 1985. Even though the Laser Parlor Operators are on its way out they did us a favor by thinning the ranks of the less skilled electrologists. The Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator,
On the other hand quite a bit of damage has been caused by the undereducated, unethical and downright scourge of the industry the Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator. These disreputable traitors to the Industry are professionally bankrupt in addition to the fact the only reason they took up the laser is that their skill level as an electrologist is subpar and unacceptable to their peers in the profession.

Every patient who has walked into my office that has had laser treatment have permanent scarring from first and second degree burns. Conversely their most painful damage caused by the "Combination electrologist laser parlor operator is that they learned the hard way that after spending thousands of dollars that laser hair removal does not work in addition to being permanently burned and scarred for life. As usual like all other scams laser hair removal is coming to an end however the "Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator is going to squeeze every dollar from the uniformed consumer in addition the they will be looking for another scam after the laser dies.

Already a Licensed and Registered Electrologist?

If you all already a licensed and registered electrologist that needs to upgrade your equipment and practical application and technique it would be my pleasure to help you. However I would like to point that it is my goal to offer you a thorough and complete evaluation of your practical technique, equipment and overall professional skill. In addition it is not my goal to argue or present one technique over the other my goal is to enhance your professional abilities and without one doubt the computerized epilator requires your ability to accept new technology and constructive criticism. Physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals are always learning new skills nonetheless it time for electrologists to do the same. The cost for my course is for the licensed and registered electrologist who wants to advance in the profession is $2000.00. Your course begins with magnification with hands on training in comprehending and programming the computerized epilator with practical application technique and lighting.

Furthermore I recommend that all interested electrologists interested in this course to please read Comprehending The Computerized Epilator© at this link below.
Get the Knowledge and facts at Boston School Of Electrolysis™ Guidance Counseling.
Pricing for my basic Guidance Counseling is $500.00 which includes four hours of basic counseling that cover information on all the above including a small lists of school.
Pre-School orientation is for prospective electrolysis students who would like to visit Boston School Of Electrolysis for an actual demonstration of my electrolysis skill and technique with introduction to the computerized epilator and the equipment that I use.

My pre-school orientation is the same price as telephone counseling and will demonstrate just what the prospective electrolysis student needs to know. In summation if you take time to find the right school, the right equipment your savings could be in the thousands of dollars in addition starting your practice on the right foot. Fact a well trained motivated electrologist right out of school can get the practice to break even in three to six months up to one year.

All prospective electrolysis including preschool students who have taken my Guidance Counseling course and have become successful state licensed and registered electrologists

In summation the Electrolysis Profession is unlike any other however to respect this profession one must upgrade your skills and equipment and it will treat you well and provide for you. On the other this is profession that deserves you respect and your failure to upgrade your skill will result in you being just another number listed in phonebook.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Copyright 1999 and revised Copyright 2009 and authored in its totality by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
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