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If you are a Transgendered looking for the best electrolysis treatment you are at the right website. If you are not a transgendered and you are looking for the best electrolysis treatment available you are the right website for safe permanent hair removal.

Without one doubt I treat all patients with equality, dignity and respect and I do not favor one group, race or an individual over another. However I have been asked to write about beard removal for the Transgendered patient. Its my professional opinion an excellent electrologist will encounter more Transgednered patients than any other medical practitioner with the exception of the surgeon who performs SRS.

Without one doubt I have an unshakable faith and conviction in what I do for my livelihood as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist since, 1979. Recently there's been allot of buzz on the "Net” by electrologists claiming to be the best post-op TG electrologist in the world after just a few years experience. Well I don't think so and I would like to hang my shingle out and voice my opinions and say, "The best electrologists puts her name on the dotted line and the quality of her work in writing and of the record this electrologist has completed 64 Transgendered women from scratch to finish.

In addition to that I have helped hundreds of Tranwomen in my 33 years as a Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist and citizen for I do not have to advertise that I am post-op TS on the "Net' with every other word and sentence that I write. The most important thing in my life is that I am a woman and a dedicated electrologist and I have spent 33 years perfecting my techniques and the quality of my work is second to no one.

To prove my work is superior above all others I provide this written guarantee of excellence. America's first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatments with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments.

Below is the last paragraph of the first article about Jessica's Laser Hair Removal Nightmare and if you think this was a good ending wait to you read Part II and see the before and after photographs. Boston School Of Electrolysis™ Article Jessica's Laser Hair Removal Nightmare February 25, 2005, 01:50:17 AM

Kimberly Williams, R.E.,Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
Utah Licesned & Registered Electrologist
Jessica wrote,

That was April 2004 and it is now February 2005. It is no longer necessary to shave my face. I still have some hair growth that she is working on under my chin and lower neck. At the rate she is progressing I will be clear of facial hair by this summer. In addition she has advised several treatment methods to improve my skin condition. Including a recommendation I followed to see my physician for medication to treat Follicullitus, an infection and inflammation of the hair follicles cause primarily by plucking and laser treatments. As a result of her advice and expert care and treatment I am on my way to a better life. My skin is looking and feeling great, I get compliments on my soft smooth complexion. I recommend The Boston School of Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams to everyone with an unwanted hair problem. I would be happy to discuss my excellent experience with anyone interested.


The end of Jessica's Laser Hair Removal Nightmare

A Better Life

By Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, Lic. 1979
Going back in time around 1986 I coined and copyrighted the phrase, "Electrolysis Separates The Girls From The Boys" and without one doubt that has proven to be true because TS patients will persevere to have their beard permanently removed no matter how challenging it may be. Seeing is believing and I would like to say thank you to Jessica for having faith in my professional abilities.

Without one doubt Transgendered women are targeted victims of the most cruelest hair removal scams and hoaxes perpetrated by non-licensed electrologists and other quacks who feed off the Transgednered womans desire to attain and possess a beautiful hair free complexion.

When Jessica walked into my office without one doubt she had one of the toughest unwanted hair problems a Transsexual woman could have something that I did not tell her when we started treatment. Some Transsexuals start right in on their transition and so did Jessica however she lives in Arizona. If your are Transgendered and just starting out in Arizona it is great place to live a little conservative but still a wonderful place to live. Nevertheless Arizona has one major drawback for Transwomen, it does not have a State Board of Electrologists for mandatory education, license and registration of electrologists. Therefore there are very few competent experienced licensed and registered electrologists in Arizona making it most difficult to find one.

Jessica's' laser nightmare was caused by not knowing where to turn to get the right information and help regarding professional services such as electrolysis. Fact and for the record there are so many unscrupulous Laser Parlor operators and non-licensed electrologists who hire people and pay self-appointed Judas Goat TG leaders who run and organize these supposed support groups. They lie to their own sisters and preach how wonderful the laser is when they know every claim they make is an exaggerated lie. Every Trans wants a smooth beautiful hair free complexion however certain selfish people who live off of their members paid dues and other cash kickbacks mislead them to the non-licensed electrologists and laser parlors. So TG women pay their hard earned money to quacks who could not care less about them and all they know about hair removal is the fifty-hour mandatory course they where required to take to become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator and thier 120 hour course to become a non-licensed electrologist. Fact these so called groups espouse "Harmony" nonetheless they use hate; prejudice and discrimination on certain electrologists that refuse to pay them tribute AKA a Kick-Back.

When Jessica walked into my office she had already spent $7500.00 with the recommended Laser Parlor operator who was also a Certified Electrologist who left her face burned with what most "Plastic Surgeons" would call permanently damaged skin. To make matters Jessica was in the midst of her transition with a full beard and dark shadow that could not be hidden. To further make matters worse she plucks her face for up two hours per day and was waxing whenever she got the chance. Finally add shaving two to three times per day and the results where an extremely coarse thickened beard with coarse hairs and skin with a heavy darkened complexion with distorted inflamed infected ingrown hairs and without a doubt one of the nastiest cases of induced Follicullitis I have ever treated. Without one doubt all other electrologists would consider this case hopeless, well not so at Boston School Of Electrolysis™ where my motto is "I succeed where all others fail!"

Jessica said she was was in "Tranny Hell" and I have treated many unwanted hair problems like this and from my professional experience a TS close to the end of their transition should be almost finished with their electrolysis however Jessica was still on square one when it came to her unwanted facial hair. Therefore having her stop work and let her facial hair grow out for an all day treatment was not option. Now I have read other electrologists viewpoints and how they approach and treat certain types of unwanted hair problems. Fact, Jessica is full time woman and doing galvanic or blend treatments are not option here because of the amount time, type of hair and skin condition plus personal needs and cost.
Jessica's Examination & Evaluation
In addition Jessica beard is 49 years old and 90% of her facial hairs are coarse deep-seated white and grey hairs, which are known to be the most resistant to electrolysis treatment. Fact most electrologists' state that white and gray double the amount of treatment is needed.

Furthermore in my opinion most electrologists demonstrate a lack of education in theoretical sciences regarding histology, endocrinology and bacteriology this leaves them at a disadvantage when evaluating and mapping out a treatment plan for TS with a heavy beard made worse by laser, waxing, plucking, shaving and depilatories which caused Jessica to have acute folliculitis with inflamed infected distorted hairs. Furthe she had leftover trapped and decaying pigment and microorganisms in the corium layer of the tissue caused by the laser, plucking, waxing and shaving

Treating an Area With More Hair Than Skin
In addition Jessica has a heavy thick beard on her upper lip and the entire chin including directly underneath running along the jaw line she has more hair than skin. More hair than skin happens with cases like this and they require the electrologist's total attention when totally clearing an area for the first time. Patients ask what is more hair than skin? More hair than skin is when you look carefully through your magnifiers the hairs are so close together you can barely see the skin. To successfully treat hair this tightly packed requires the electrologist to systematically remove them in strips from left to right proceeding downward and not to jump from one spot on the chin to another. In addition high current is not allowed and a two-piece needle is requisite and will prevent damage to the skin. Electrologists who are about to totally clear areas such as the chin which have more hair than skin must us uses a four or even three diameter needle instead of five and high current cannot be used. Here is the reason why when clearing more hair than skin a one-piece needle, which has no flexibility with high current, has no room because the hairs are so concentrated and close together there is no buffer of skin to protect the orifice AKA the mouth the hair from burning into the next orifice. Nevertheless just using a finer two piece needle down to a size three probe if needed with lower current will prevent any pitting.

After the initial first treatment you will have acceptable spacing between the hairs and you can use a larger diameter needle and current appropriate for the hair and skin type. However if an electrologist just starts shooting hairs without correctly evaluating the area with more hair than skin you would have major cause of pitting on the first treatment. Further I do not use the one-the piece tapered needle because they are inflexible and often cause pitting.

Damaged Sebaceous Glands

Treating and removing hairs in this manner prevents excess edema and skin damage from over treatment. In addition when treating and removing hairs in this manner short-wave will often induce electro-anesthesia (numbness of the skin), which the patient really likes. On the other hand let me warn you when electro-anesthesia happens that does not give the electrologist the "Green Light"to use excessive current however you can increase your intensity and timing on the other hand please be cautious and keep your settings in the safe range. Further Jessica's skin in general was dehydrated and had an unhealthy dried out to the touch and a coarse bumpy appearance with no suppleness. Most people are not aware that the laser always misses the hair while it damages and shrinks or outright destroys the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum (oil) to keep the skin soft and supple. In addition to sebaceous glands being destroyed the suderiferous glands (sweat glands) are destroyed and patients are not aware and think that the loss of these microorganisms are not important. Wrong, the sebaceous glands are absolutely vital to keep your skin soft and supple and when you treat the face with the laser you lose them in addition you lose muscle and fat cells meant to nourish your skin. In addition the collagen fibers that maintain your skin firmness and elasticity have been damaged or permanently destroyed by the laser. You can test this by depressing you finger lightly on the skin and it if does not rebound immediately it means the collagen fibers that maintain elasticity are permanently damaged.

Super Heavy Beards Have A Specialized Blood Supply

During the eighties I was at a plastic surgeons office and I had the opportunity to observe a section of heavy beard tissue that was removed during facial surgery. This cross-section of skin had been removed directly under the chin. You think, well what is so interesting about that? However it was more than interesting because it reaffirmed a belief that I have always maintained that super heavy dense beards hairs become interconnected by the vascular system making them even more difficult to treat. That means if you turned the skin over like a rug you would see all the hairs underneath interconnected by capillaries that are fed by veins. From 1976 to 1979 I had 125 hours of theoretical instruction in medical grade histology pertaining to the structure of the hair. Furthermore I believe that all electrologists should be educated and knowledgeable in histology because they would learn that each hair possesses its own individual blood supply and having seen this cross section of skin has allowed myself an insight of how the blood nourishes the hair via the capillaries. This insight involves using a systematic approach when treating hairs that are removed in strips and if you have studied a chart that outlines the blood supply to the face via veins and capillaries. There are many who would dispute this theory on the other hand when starting a patients treatment the electrologist should take into consideration when using my technique of harvesting hairs in large areas by systematically removing them in strips the electrologist should consider the source of blood that supplies and nourish the hairs on that area of the face. In addition the electrologist should remove all hairs from previously treated areas first with no exception before advancing the treatment to a new area. Doing a beard removal and treating the hairs in this manner benefits the patient because you are treating every hair in the anagen stage. In addition this allows the electrologist to rapidly enlarge the area so the patient has no need whatsoever to shave the treated area henceforth the patient sees progress with every treatment while maintaining and enlarging the hair free areas with every treatment.

No Shaving Between Treatments

Shaving between treatments is the ultimate offense because in a short time your skin has become soft and supple from electrolysis treatments. When you shave that razor actually slices the top layers off your skin leaving and exposing the germinative layer known as the corium to inflammation and infection. Additionally, shaving during treatment leaves your face with obvious cuts and nicks and your skin looks like raw hamburger. Fact, in most cases I will stop electrolysis treatments if I discover a patient shaving between treatments and without doubt shaving stimulates hair growth, scars your face and makes your skin ultra-sensative where it is painful just to touch your skin. It is very upsetting when a patients shaves during treatment because it damages the skin that I have worked so hard to improve and quite often I will remind patients not to do it again. Conversely if you shaved between treatments you will never have a hair free complexion and that is that! Furthermore a skilled electrologist should be able to maintain and expand the hair free area and keep the previously treated areas hair free and clean between treatments if you have opted to come in twice a week for treatment. This is the best to remove a beard while the hairs become finer, softer with bare patches and than they are completely gone. However I must say this any electrologist who allows their patients to shave between treatments do not have their patients best interests at heart.

Antibiotic Therapy

Jessica's skin condition required a five-month course of antibiotics therapy because of her acute follicultis, inflamed infected ingrown hairs that caused a major portion of her face and all of her neck to have an inflamed reddish brown discoloration that no makeup could hide. Laser hair removal permanently damages your skin by burning its minute structures and organisms at or near the surface of the skin such as sebaceous and suderiferous glands, arrector muscles, sensory nerve and collagen fibers are totally are partially destroyed. This leaves the skin with dead and decaying minute structures that discolor it down to coruim level and even further in acute follicultis. These dead decaying structures discolor the skin and the only way the skin can expel them is a three to six month course of prophylactic antibiotic therapy for soft tissue inflammation and infection of the skin and hairs. Without one doubt the antibiotic of choice for soft tissue inflammation and infections is Bioxin. Once the antibiotics are started you will see a notable and steady improvement of the skin as it starts to heal it brings dead ingrown hairs close to the surface for easy removal and treatment plus there was allot of dead decaying tissue that has been in trapped in Jessica's skin for years that will be expelled. Simultaneously epsom salt soaks are required twice a day every day until instructed not to. Antibiotic therapy heals the skin and its inflamed infected ingrown hairs while simultaneously eliminating sensitivity to treatment. In three to six months there is major improvement in Jessica's skin where she does not need take the antibiotics.


Short-Wave treatments kill the hair not the patient and when expertly applied with a computerized epilator I can do between four hundred to one-thousand hair per-hour which allows me to get Jessica's face and neck cleared and under control (face kept clear) in about four or five weeks. In addition I use short-wave for the following reasons to rapidly clear the upper-lip, lower-lip, face and neck and completely have the treated areas under control so Jessica has no need to shave between treatments. Fact shaving stimulates hair-growth and if any electrologist disagrees with me on that point I feel sorry for their patients. Last of all having a healthy hair free smooth complexion does wonders for any woman's self-esteem.

I Reiterate Shaving Stimulates Hair Growth!
To start off Jessica and I worked out appointments for twice a week at two hours each. Furthermore I told Jessica once an area has been treated and cleared it can never be shaved again. If a TS looks back in time to puberty and remembers those very first little fine hairs that started popping out and instead of shaving she went to a competent electrologist those virgin hairs could have been permanently removed with just a few treatments. However it is a known fact that most TS'S are not aware that if they are shaving between treatments they might as well throw the money out the window because shaving stimulates hair growth! Fact as long as you continue to shave between treatments you will never have a hair free complexion. Another fact if you electrologists allows you to shave the treated areas between treatments its time find a new electrologist.

Laser Hair Removal Cause Painful Electrolysis Treatments

Part of Jessica's treatment program was educating her to the fact that the laser burns off the top layers of skin known as the Stratum Corneum and Lucidum while at the same time traumatizing the germinative Corium layer of skin. Many TS'S seeking to remove the beard set themselves up for failure in many ways. Fact after spending thousands of dollars it is most painful for TS'S to learn the hard way that laser hair removal does not work. So the electrologist has to bridge the gap because no patient wants to admit failure especially after the loss of money and the embarrassment of making the wrong choice and please do not forget to the add the extreme pain caused by the laser. The final insult is that takes four months to a year for nerve damage caused by the laser to heal and up to eighteen months for the sensory nerves that have been inflamed to become desensitized. This is why TS'S after a series of failed laser treatments are so sensitive to electrolysis treatments because their sensory nerves have been inflamed and this results in some patients skin being so sensitive just lightly touching the skin causes moderate to severe pain. Fact it is of paramount importance to bring this to the attention of the patient because quite a few patients have been misled and lied to by Laser Parlor operators that electrolysis is painful. Conversely I have found the best way to prove this to the patient is to work on area of the skin that has not been treated with treated the laser and in certain cases where excessive permanent pain persists after the laser will not improve a referral to a neurologist is needed. Quite a few patients have developed chronic debilitating pain syndromes from temporary laser hair removal.

Starting Over Again

Nonetheless the next hurdle to overcome is to start all over again and be able to place your faith and trust in your electrologist. Furthermore Jessica's Folliculitis is compounded by the situation and made it worse. However Jessica like other TS'S will make all sacrifices and endure whatever it takes to get her transition on line and be rid of her unwanted hair problem. After Jessica completed all the above tasks I got her started on Epsom Salt Soaks on a twice-daily basis to promote healing of her skin and to draw out the ingrown hairs and trapped debris from within the skin. Epsom salts also break the down thick layer of callus skin that a beard builds up during a life time of shaving.

The Treatment Starts

When a TS is in the midst of her transition she cannot let her whole beard grow out to be treated and attend work at the same time. My technique and methodology was to instruct Jessica not to shave Friday morning and to let the upper lip, lower lip and chin areas to completely grow out about 1/4 inch long and come in on Saturday and I will clear those areas completely. Now I hear electrologists who claim galvanic only and others blend only however I choose the right treatment mode and what was best for Jessica based on a complete evaluation, treatment plan and her personal needs. The only way to surmount Jessica's hair problem while in the midst of her transition is short-wave current and within a three and one half hour treatment her upper-lip, lower-lip and the upper part of chin where completely cleared with my systematic technique of removing row after row of hairs. However after Jessica's first treatment the counter on the computer read just over 2000 hairs treated.

The Electrologists Primary Goal

Fact short-wave current from a computerized epilator expertly applied kills hairs and improves the skin and is known as the healing current and you must be an expert with the computerized epilator to use it effectively. The current on the Computerized Epilator is accurate to within one one-hundredth of a second and will not fire the current unless the needle is inserted absolute dead center on target at the base of the follicle. The reason for selecting short-wave current is obvious Jessica has to have a feminine appearance during her treatments and she does not have the option of putting on the breaks to her transition by having six to eight hours of blend or galvanic treatments two to three times per week recommended by slower electrologists on the "Net." In addition, I have noted that I use all three applied currents and to rely or use one current only is wrong. Most TS'S cannot afford to budget six to eight hours of treatment per week while in the midst of their transition; electrologists must learn how to use the computerized epilator, which requires the electrologist to be dead center accurate with every insertion or the computer will not fire the current. The primary goal is to clear Jessica's face and neck in eight to ten weeks using short-wave current to get her life and transition on the right track while living as a woman 24/7. After ten-month period Jessica's face and neck where cleared and the antibiotic therapy expelled most of the microorganisms and allot ingrown hairs where treated and removed and her acute follicultis finally subsided to the point where the skin has been dramatically improved.

After Treatment Care

For Jessica after treatment of her skin is vital and I would to make it perfectly clear that under no circumstance should you ever put ice or a cold pack on your skin directly after an electrolysis treatment! Why you ask? Fact, during Jessica's treatment there is build up of heat in the tissue as a direct result from the electricity into your skin and the last thing that you should do is place ice packs on the treated area. Because common sense dictates that your capillaries and veins are dilated from the heat of the electricity and when you place ice or an ice pack directly on treated area the delicate capillaries will contract and burst. Burst capillaries from ice packs result in spider veins especially on the areas like the upper lip, cheeks and sides of face where the skin is thin. The best after treatment care is two or three tablespoons of Epsom salts dissolved in small sink of tepid water. Make sure the epsom crystals are dissolved than place a face cloth in the sink and lean over and apply the face cloth on the area that has been treated. Refresh the face cloth every minute for about three to five minutes. Drain the water and rinse you face well with cool water not cold for three minutes and pat dry. Next step apply 100% Aloe Vera gel from Aloe Gator liberally over the entire face. When doing a beard removal you should soak with Epsom salts at least twice day.
Epsom salt soaks are soothing and promote healing while drawing out debris from the follicle they also draw out ingrown hairs. Epsom salts soaks leave the skin the smooth and soft while breaking down the callous build up on your face from years of shaving. Again I warn you cold ice pack burst dilated blood vessels from electrolysis treatments will burst and leave you with ugly spider veins. Fact pure Aloe Vera is wonderful and inexpensive way to sooth and promotes rapid healing of the skin and I recommend Aloe Gator, which is 99 3/4 pure with a small amount of Vitamin E. This low cost simple home remedies promote healing however the Aloe Vera cannot be beat for after treatment care of electrolysis because of its known healing powers.

Maximum Galvanic Treatments

Jessica's skin was now healing which is an absolute requisite before you use galvanic current. If an electrologist had started Jessica with Galvanic treatments it would make her whole condition untreatable and her face would have become a disaster. From an electrologists viewpoint it is really advantageous to start electrolysis treatments on a TS before they start living as a women in spite of this when a patient has had Jessica's difficulties, which happens quite frequently it, whole another story. Jessica's skin became soft and smooth to the touch but she still has a way to go however when the skin is healthy than I will use galvanic treatments that target the more resistant hairs and trouble areas such as upper and lower lip, chin, sides of the face, hairline and the neck. Fact for three on-half month periods I split it up two hours of galvanic and two hours of short-wave. This all the Galvanic current I have used because that is all that was needed.

Standard Galvanic-Electrolysis Procedures

In ten weeks always clearing the upper and low lip, chin, sides of face and in the same exact methodical technique Jessica had not shaved since the day of her first treatment. For a period of time due to work related problems Jessica could only come for one two-hour session per-week for two month however we still maintained the treated area but with the minimum time needed I opted for stronger current.

Programming Your Computerized Epilator

Without one doubt the programmable computerized epilator increases the talented electrolgists practical abilities to new levels of excellence however my programming are trade secrets. However I do offer private one on one training course with programming included on the computerized epilator for electrologists who want to provide their patients the best care. With 27 years of experience and retraining electrologists I have discovered that programming the computerized epilator and insertions are the most requested courses. Fact motivated electrologists pick this it up in relatively short amount of time.

No Pain No Gain

No pain and no gain is the wrong approach to electrolysis. Fact most electrologists who have not had no requisite education in histology fail to comprehend there are no nerves inside the follicle. Fact with a two-piece flexible sharp stainless needle correctly inserted past the germinative papillae (root) in root chamber where the replacement baby anagen hair is coiled is where the insertion stops. As I stated before especially for those world-class electrologists there is no sensation with a correct insertion other that the current. Furthermore because you have treated the coiled baby anagen hair often you will see it attached to a mature anagen when you remove it. I was taught in school when both hairs come out one follicle the hair will never regenerate.

Why Insert The Needle That Deep?

With the needle inserted perfectly to that depth is just below the papillae you patient will find the treatment comfortable and in addition when using short-wave the sinusoidal wave that travels down the needle will completely cauterizes the germanative root chamber where the new anagen hair is forming or is already formed. Further with the deep insertion you can use stronger current and most of the time patients does not notice the difference. Then again patients do notice that there is no scabbing, scarring or pitting and they clear up a heck of allot quicker. In addition with the deeper insertion the electricity is more effective because the current is fired in the lower germinative chamber where it is precisely needed and it is most effective. With the current be applied correctly in the lower level of the skin away from surface and receptor nerves the treatment become comfortable.

Tough, Resistant Grey & White Hairs

Other electrologists claim that gray hair is yet another classification separate from all others. Granted the root system are larger and a World Class electrologist claims about 50% more in depth and their texture is a of different characteristic of the follicle is structured differently. However some claim an additional 25-30% with white and grey hairs. I quote this World Class electrologist Ver Batim where she claims, "The Follicles that easily slid out after treatment now need to be "winched" out." Sorry it seems someone needs to brush up on her "Histology" because the hair is "winched out" not the follicle. She further claims grey and white beards can double from 200 hours for what she calls the average pigmented beard to 400-450 hours for a grey and white beard. Well if that is the case I must be miracle worker because Jessica who is so close to completion has only had 197 hours of treatment.

Fact, grey and white hairs are tough and some cases almost twine like and in rare some cases I have even seen translucent hairs that almost totally clear. Conversely a hair is hair and ultimately it is treatable nevertheless that is no excuse to double an estimate of how many hours it will actually take to completely remove the beard permanently. Granted white hairs are tough nonetheless they are just as vulnerable to highly accurate insertions with short-wave, galvanic and blend current. However I think our World-Class electrologist needs to consult with her "Ghost Writer" regarding how to winch out a follicle. (Ha, Ha)

Plateaus, Progress and Galvanic Current
In every type of hair problem especially a TS beard removal the patient will experience plateaus where progress is slowed or outright stalled. A plateau will often require a hormonal adjustment plus a little manipulation of the current will fix it however Jessica was now ready for her next stage the inter-dispersed galvanic treatments. As I stated I believe in short-wave, galvanic and blend and it is most important to know when and where you need to use them than just to use them without evaluating the patient's hair and skin condition and requirements.

What is Galvanic Current?

Electrolysis was invented in 1875 for the treatment of Trichiasis (ingrown eyelashes that cause blindness. However in those days they where not aware of the electrolytic conversion reaction induced by Galvanic current. Our bodies are composed of certain chemicals and one of them being Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) so when you introduce Galvanic current for a minimum of three seconds inside the follicle shaft you will see sodium hydroxide bubbles AKA lye bubbling out of the follicle. Besides the electricity having the effect on the hair the Sodium Hydroxide is concentrated inside the follicle wall. Sodium Hydroxide has two effects on the hair the first being the "Electro-Desiccation" of the follicle and its entire structure from the bottom of the Papillae to the orifice the Sodium hydroxide completely dries out the follicle structure. The other effect is the Electro-Decomposition of the follicle structure. The third and not well-known fact is that Sodium Hydroxide that has formed in the follicle has penetrated and sterilized the structure of the follicle until natural processes expel it the Sodium Hydroxide.

In my professional opinion Galvanic and Blend current is particularly effective for deep-seated distorted follicles and depending on the patient's hair type I like to use it to break down and eliminate tougher hairs. After a ten-week period where every other treatment I used galvanic current for the heavy distorted follicles which have been eliminated and the remaining have been reduced in size and straightened so that I am able to use short-wave current, which is extremely effective in finishing them off. As stated before every patient unwanted hair problem is unique and that is how electrologists should approach their patient's treatments when selecting the treatment mode.

Jessica's Laser Hair Removal Nightmare Is Over

It is known fact that surgeons who perform SRS also state and tell their patients that laser hair removal is temporary and does not work in addition it is a known fact that the laser permanently damages the skin.

Furthermore to date the laser parlor industry still has not submitted the laser to a legitimate double blind study by a credentialed testing agency such as Underwriters Laboratories. Without one doubt it is mystery why so many TS's get sucked into the laser hair removal advertisements with pictures of airbrushed "Barby Doll" models with fake before and after pictures.

On the other hand it is my opinion and first hand knowledge that Laser Parlor Operators use deceptive illegal advertising along with TS Judas's Goats who lead the sheep down the garden path the get their pay off for every customer they deliver. However the Laser Parlor Operators are good at selling an image of how you would like to see yourself than what is real. Laser Parlor Operators project an image that is so powerful it fuels your emotional needs and triggers the compulsive reaction where I have to have it now and that's when the Laser Parlor operator moves in and have you sign a contract and pay for your treatments in advance.

Well Jessica's Laser Hair Removal Nightmare is over and after ten weeks months of alternating galvanic treatments that reduced the size of Jessica's hairs to where they are fine. With two 90-minute treatments per-week Jessica's face is nitpicked clean with specialized rapid double and triple shots to expedite and bring her treatments to the end. In addition about one hour of that time is used for preening the skin by expertly removing dead ingrown hairs, small callous patches of flaking skin on the face and neck including dead microorganisms that are close to the surface of the skin. Looking at Jessica's face and improving complexion you could never tell she had beard and for the record Jessica is a pleasure to work on.

Nonetheless Jessica has generously provided the before photograph and personally took I the most recent photograph. Jessica generosity is appreciated because these photographs will be helpful so other TS'S will know the truth that see electrolysis works of which I take great pride in demonstrating my professional abilities. After viewing the photographs you can see that without one doubt electrolysis is the only safe and proven method of "Permanent Hair Removal."


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Kimberly Williams - Boston School Of Electrolysis