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BOSTON SCHOOL OF ELECTROLYSIS™ & BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS™ PRIVATE PRACTICE© For Safe Permanent Hair Removal Private Appointments With Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979 Board Certified Electrologist "GUEST LECTURER OF HARVARD SCHOOL FROM 1983-1987" AMERICA'S FIRST COMPUTER ELECTROLOGY-ELECTROLYSIS SPECIALIST™ THREE COMPUTERIZED TECHNIQUES SHORT-WAVE-GALVANIC-BLEND By Appointment Only Conveniently located at 7330 East Earll Drive, Suite J, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Serving Metro Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa-Tempe-Glendale, Arizona Call 480-607-8121 For A No Fee Consultation & ASK ABOUT MY WRITTEN GUARANTEE OF EXCELLENCE Now Accepting New Patients & Early Morning Appointments for Busy Professionals In Scottsdale, Arizona Hello my name is Jess and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. For most of my 50 years of adult life I have struggled with a serious facial hair problem. I was born with a condition that caused my body to produce high levels of testosterone and other male hormones. At puberty I began to see signs of facial hair growth. By the time I reached my late teens I was shaving my entire face, neck, chin, cheeks and under-nose. I was very embarrassed to say the least. By my early twenties I had a fully developed male pattern beard that I shaved at least twice a day. I used massive amounts of foundation makeup to conceal my problem.

As I applied my makeup I began to notice that a slight gray tone was still visible thru my foundation. I realized that if it were noticeable to me, it would be noticeable in public. As time went by I was more and more determined to scrape the ugly facial hair off of my face. I lived with embarrassment knowing that others were wondering why my face seemed to have a constant 5:00 shadow. My social life was devastated as well as my self-esteem. I began to think about some form of permanent hair removal. I learned through my research that electrolysis was the only proven safe and effective long- term treatment. However I was too embarrassed to admit to anyone that I had a serious problem that needed correction. Going to an electrolysis office was out of the question. Treatments would be too expensive and time consuming. My humiliation about admitting my unwanted problem coupled with being overwhelmed by the embarrassment of being seen in public every day was hard to bare at times. The more often I shaved my face the worse my skin got. I developed bumps where there were shaved hairs. My skin began to discolor from constant scraping and scabbing. Later I found out that the shaving was actually causing my skin to develop a protective callous type of surface that made my skin condition even worse. This continued for years. In the mid nineties laser hair removal was beginning to gain attention. I was thrilled that finely a hair removal system was available that would be effective, economical and it was as advertised safe, permanent and painless. I didn't do much research. I read the advertising and it sounded very good. My good sense told me that laser hair removal was too good to be true. However, I wanted to believe that I had found a solution that would return my confidence and self esteem and get rid of my unwanted facial hair forever. I found a local laser clinic and made an appointment to visit. It all sounded good. I left the building with appointments for 3 one and one half hour treatments over an approximately 18-week period. I had committed to a cost of several thousand dollars. I didn't care it seemed like a small amount of money to put my life back on track. The end of those three treatments left me with a burned and blistered face. When the burns and blisters went away I was left with skin discoloration worse than before I started laser treatment. My problem got worse. And I my bank account found it self several thousand dollars lighter. After all of that it was still okay because I would be rid of my hair problem or so I was lead to believe by the laser people. After a few weeks I began to see the hairs returning as they forced there way though the scars and damaged skin. I was devastated. When I went back to the laser office they assured me that all was normal and that I should "give it time”. I did. I waited a few years. All most all of my beard returned. In addition I was left with blotches of dark skin discoloration from the laser burns. My frustration and discouragement along with embarrassment went on for a few more years. One day a good friend told me that she had facial derma-abrasion treatment at a dermatologist's office. The medical doctor and his staff treated her very well and she was pleased with here treatment. She told me that they offered laser hair removal treatment and suggested that I pay them a visit. I thought it over. I was desperate to believe that the laser system would fix my problem. I thought that technical improvements and operator experience surely had improved since my previous disastrous treatments. I got up the nerve to make an appointment. A few weeks later I found myself meeting with a registered physician and his laser technician. (I have since learned that a few weeks earlier that the "laser technician had been promoted from office receptionist- No medical training) I told them about my hair problem and my last laser experience. The assured me that they had a new ”state of the art” laser. It would be just fine. Furthermore the technician had been trained to operate the laser by the laser manufacturer. They recommended that I undergo 6 treatments over approximately 6 months. This series of treatments would end up costing me twice as much as my first "laser treatments” After 6 months and 6 treatments and more money I had less pain and skin damage than the last time. The surface damage was less apparent however deeper damage had caused my skin discoloration to worsen. A few months later most of my facial hair had returned. Over the course of 9 Laser "treatments, 3 years elapsed time and about $7,000 dollars I still had 95% of my facial hair and skin problems. Once again frustration returned as well as my continuing embarrassment. I was desperate. I began plucking my facial hair. First daily, then twice a day. Two hours every day. After several weeks I managed to keep visible hair growth at an acceptable rate. I knew that all the hair would return if I stopped plucking. I was aware that I was probably encouraging the hair growth by plucking. I didn't care as long as they were out of sight and my face felt relatively smooth. What I did not know was the damage that I was doing to my already injured skin. The constant plucking was creating major skin infections at the level. Although my face seemed somewhat smooth to the touch immediately after plucking, I could see small bumps at each hair I had plucked. This left my skin with a texture that looked a little like and orange skin. It was most evident in strong light. I didn't care I continued to pluck. I was surfing the Internet and ran across the Boston School of Electrolysis. I notice immediately that BSOE was located in Scottsdale, AZ not far from my home. I read all of the information on the site. The more I read the more impressed I became by knowledge and experience I found In Kimberly Williams the Schools dean and a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologists with 26 years of experience. I began to think as read thru the web site that perhaps it was time to finally confront my problem once and for all. Kimberly Williams might be worth meeting. I sent Kimberley e-mail that day. I called her the next morning. Much to surprise and pleasure she had read my message and was anticipating my phone call. That put me immediately at ease. It was a demonstration of the care, concern and professional interest that she has shown throughout my course of treatment with her. We set up a meeting at her office for later in the week. Once there I knew I had mad the right decision. She examined me and discussed my problem and concerns. We discussed treatment coat and procedures. By the time I left Kimberly Williams office I knew I was in good hands. If any one could help me it was Kimberly. That was April. It is now February. It is no longer necessary to shave my face. I still have some hair growth that she is working on under my chin and lower neck. At the rate she is progress I will be clear of facial hair by this summer. In addition she has advised several treatment methods to improve my skin condition. Including a recommendation I followed to see my physician for medication to treat Follicullitus, an infection and inflammation of the hair follicles cause primarily by plucking and laser treatments. As a result of here advice and expert care and treatment I am on my way to a better life. My skin is looking and feeling great, I get compliments on my soft smooth complexion. I recommend The Boston School of Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams to everyone with an unwanted hair problem. I would be happy to discuss my excellent experience with anyone interested. Sincerely Jessica of Phoenix

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