The First Deadly Sin of Electrolysis

The First Deadly Sin Of Electrolysis The Non-Licensed Electrologist

Unethical business tactics are used by the non-licensed electrologists who have circumvented traditional American values of fair play and honesty when it comes to "Permanent Hair Removal." Honest state licensed and registered electrologists across America are professionals that have honored our work and chosen profession with a code of integrity with laws, rules and regulations that we live and abide by. Licensed and registered electrologists are at the crossroads where direct action must be taken that non-licensed electrologists shall be held accountable for mischievous unprofessional illegal unethical conduct and behavior. Licensed and registered electrologists are obligated to inform and educate the public that we are the only bonafide professional practitioners of electrolysis to practice. Electrolysis is the only true procedure that results in "Permanent Hair Removal". Nonetheless the Laser Parlor Industry has infiltrated the profession non-licensed electrologist who deceptively advertise electrolysis to get you in the door and use bait and switch tactics to covert you to the laser.

Fake Titles Created and Used By Uneducated Non-Licensed Electrologists in Arizona and the rest of the USA.

Certified Professional Electrologist
Certified Clinical Electrologists
Certified Medical Electrologists
Certified Electrologist
Graduate, Arizona State School of Electrology (A Diploma & School That Never Existed)
Graduate, Arizona State School of Electrolysis (A Diploma Mill & School That Never Existed)
Hairtell Practitioner (Group Of Quacks)
TG Approved Electrologist
Qualified Electrologist
Certificate of Achievement (Are Not a License)
Member of Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists (A Diploma Mill For Non-Licensed
Certified Clinical Electrologist (Diploma Mill Quack Certificate)
Certified Medical Electrologist (A Diploma Mill Quack Certificate)
Member of International Guild of Professional Electrologists A Canadian Diploma Mill That Shut Down)
Arizona Association of Non-Licensed Electrologists (A Group Of Non-Licensed Electrologists)

The American Electrology Association is the creator and the ancestral home of the Certified Professional Electrologist certificate which is a "Diploma Mill" at best that cost $225.00 to empower uneducated individuals with a hollow title with no substance. Not to be outdone the Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists another "Diploma Mill" have created three non-licensed electrologists titles, first being; Certified Clinical Electrologist costs $200.00, the second, Certified Medical Electrologist, costs $300.00 and last but not least the ultimate deluxe title the Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologist costs $400.00. Furthermore these groups have gone public and have endorsed the laser in addition to the fact that 90 to 99 +3/4% of their members are not educated state licensed and registered electrologists. For years the Laser Parlor Industry have sought out and purchased the endorsement of majority member non-licensed electrolysis groups by making large cash grants and donations that have lined the pockets of their leadership.

State licensed and registered electrologists are the only professionals with the exclusive and legal right to claim and advertise electrolysis as the only method of Permanent Hair Removal that works. Thus the laser parlor industry has garnered the endorsement of these quasi-electrolysis guilds, associations with a 98% membership that is composed of non-licensed uneducated challenged electrologists.

The International Guild Of Professional Electrologists No Longer Exists!

The International Guild of Professional Electrologists, what could sound or appear more impressive or professional? Nonetheless another favorite title for non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists to claim membership to considering it went out of business and changed its name to The International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists. Nonetheless you have non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists that were never members to begin are advertising, claiming and saying, "Member Of The International Guild Of Professional Electrologists." It never ceases to amaze me how someone without an electrolysis education in any form or manner has the gall to inflate their portfolios and claim these phony titles and memberships so they appear to be educated and trained as an electrologist. However what scares me most is when they open an office you will see just how good they are desk top publishing.

What is more astounding is the uneducated individuals who took this $225.00 Diploma Mill course with no practical training actually believe they are competent a Certified Professional Electrologist. The Society for Clinical and Medical Electrolysis require no examination all that counts is that your clears.

Nonetheless these individuals actually believe their 120 to 300 hour course by itself with no practical examination empowers them as Certified Professional Electrologists. The Certified Professional Electrologist Course does not require a high school diploma, back-round, criminal check and health certificate stating that they have no communicable disease. For years many of them have had a borderline existence and struggled to get by and then they became "Certified Laser Parlor Operators" with a fifty-hour course. At the height of laser popularity 6 years ago these newly created Certified Laser Parlor Operators quit and outright refuted electrolysis and when their clients came in the door they said, trust me, "I was a Certified Professional Electrologist and believe when I say, "The laser is better why else would I switch from Electrolysis to the Laser?"

The Third Deadly Sin Of Electrolysis
Ten Reasons Why Certified Professional Electrologists Cannot Become State Licensed and Registered Electrologists.

1. The do not possess a High School Diploma or GED
2. They have Criminal Record
3 There too lazy to work
4. They do not want to pay taxes
5. They think they are entitled
6. They can purchase their CPE aka Certified Professional Electrologist’s title for $225.00 with no education requirements.
7. They can purchase a Certified Clinical Electrologist certificate for $200.00 with no required education requirements.
8. They can purchase a Certified Medical Electrologist certificate for $300.00 with no required education requirements.
9. They can print their own diploma on their computer
10. All the above and more

The Fourth Deadly Sin Of Electrolysis,

For all newly arrived state licensed and registered electrologists that relocate to Arizona, New York and other states with no electrolysis laws you can count on the uneducated non-licensed "Certified Professional Electrologist Unwelcome Wagon" to show up. They always greet newly arrived state licensed and registered electrologists that have relocated to Arizona in some very creative ways. They think because they have sprayed the area that makes their territory. As soon you set up and open your doors they have their relatives, teenage children and friends pose as potential clients to waste your time and make fake appointments. They call you to pump you for any information that they think they can use against you. Some even have the nerve so send their "Friends" to your office with a hidden recorder and their stooges try to get you to say a negative slanderous comments about their certifiable electrologist who sent them to you. LOL, one of them sent me an email stating that it is not fair for me to publish my educational and professional credentials.

The Fifth Deadly Sin Of Electrolysis Watching Television While Doing A Treatment Have you ever heard the old phrase, "A Little bird told me"? Of course, we all know this phrase and many more however I was privy to what I thought was a joke, but it turned out to be the Gods honest truth. I have had quite a few people and clients remark and tell me how a group of non-licensed electrologists perform electrolysis treatments while watching television during their treatment? On the "Richter Scale of Electrolysis Violations" this is a ten. The electrologist-owner who claims to be the best in town has lot to learn and should set an example for her employees and cease desist watching television including her entire staff. While performing electrolysis treatments all electrologists should focus on the patients treatment not while watching As the World Turns, The, Guiding Light and worst of all American Idol. Electrolysis is a professional occupation that requires your electrologists total attention. Electrologists who watch television while working on you are blatantly sacrificing the quality of your treatment and safety of your health. A distracted electrologist or laser operator is taking chances with your health and complexion. Electrologists who watch television during your treatment could easily puncture your face or treated with forceps or a third degree burn with laser that results in your skin being permanently scarred! This a what happen with non-licensed electrologists and laser operators who are hooked watching their Soap Opera or Game Show. What bothers me the most is the damage they have already caused damage to your skin and pocketbook. Professionally speaking because is no way that your electrologist can watch television and perform a quality safe comfortable and competent treat let alone the end up plucking 80% or more of your hairs. I would feel utterly insulted especially with the electrologist who brags that she has a big screen TV. However you thought about or ask yourself what makes your electrologist watch television during your treatment?

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