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 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
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Hairtell James W. Walker VII, CPE 
Certified Professional Electrologist or Certified Professional Egotist?
2242 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga/Buffalo, New York 14211 - America's Home Sweet Home for Illiterate Non-Licensed Electrologists
James W. Walker VII, CPE Administrator Offline Top 10 Contributor, Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. -Tom Landry


James W. Walker VII, CPE Canadian Dictator of & Pro Top Ten Contributor VOETV'S Interview With James W. Walker VII, CPE Dictator of




 In Hollywood they say there's no business like show business however Surfing the Net can be just as interesting, perhaps rewarding even. When you think you have seen it all, you stumble upon VOETV'S interview with James W. Walker VII, CPE's, Podcast at the Oracle of Enlightenment. This screen gem was produced in May of 2002 and from the beginning to the very end I found myself amazed at Walker's lack of knowledge when it comes to electrolysis. 

The interviewer was clean cut and close shaven but wore a no sleeve cut-off sweatshirt for that machismo look which I thought was unprofessional but perhaps that might depend on which side of the "tracks" one's office is located. 

His interviewer pointed out that James Walker the VII has a real job in addition to being an actor, and that he is an "Electrolysists". Then he asked James if it's really pronounced Electrolysists? You hear Walker's unshaven shadow in the background respond in his giggling school-girl laugh, "In England it would be correct because Electrologist means the study of electrolysis".

What followed next was that the interviewer made a comment that the American version of Electrologist makes its sound more like Dr. Frankenstein! Walker chuckled at that comment and replied in his inept manner, "I must say, Electrolysists makes more sense as the English would know how to speak the English Language". Again Walker broke into his giggling school girl's laugh, giggle, giggle ha, ha, ha. Yes, that was quite interesting however we have so many more juicy tidbits to lay open for public inspection, such as the introduction of Lisa Rose, the supposed subject, who is patiently laying on Walker's table while Walker is playing with his Gynecologist's lamp and looking at and commenting on Lisa's skin. He said in high pitch squeal, "Lisa, I have a worm's eye view of your skin", again breaking into his giggling schoolgirl laugh! Lisa replies, "That's a bright light, it hurts my eyes" and Walker, giggling again, goes, "Oh yeah that's a Halogen bulb", and he still left the hot lamp focused on her eyes. 

Now, no matter how many cues and clues Walker's interviewer gave him, he continued to play with his lamp like he was a WW2 U-Boat Capitan looking up, down around and through his periscope for enemy ships, I was waiting for Walker to say, "Los torpedoes", but thank the "Electrolysists gods" in this world he didn't .

Nevertheless, James needs to learn that a "Gynecologist Lamp" is not a prerequisite nor an appropriate piece of equipment for electrolysis treatments because it's too hot for the skin. Experienced electrologists prefer to use a Dazor Cool-Combo light with custom fit peripheral specialized magnifiers that allow you to do a better job in addition to being much more comfortable for the patient. In my thirty years or so running my own practice, I have seen many uneducated, non-licensed, certified professional electrologists, run out and purchase proper surgical loops, but James purchased a "Gynecologists Lamp" just to inflate his ego so he can impress his clients with futuristic, non-requisite "Buck Rogers Technology". These lamps and magnifiers are totally inappropriate and actually slow down an electrologist's work with a distorted view that does not allow the electrologist to view the entire area of the face that needs to be treated. Halogen lamps are too hot and too bright and can burn the skin and, more importantly, you cannot see the patient's entire face in a full peripheral view but instead a reduced two-inch periscope circle that limits and restricts the quality of work you do. Walker, it seems, likes to boast and he quickly pointed out that the cash value of his "Gynecologist's Lamp" could be used for a trade in on a Honda Civic. 

Ummm... it seems that Mr. Walker so loves his "Gynecologist Lamp" that I wonder how much longer it will be before we see a certified and registered gynecologist certificate on his wall too. I mean, after all, he freely claims as his all kinds of other expertise he hasn't had the education to actually achieve. Since his print shop seems to make certificates up and hand them out cheaply, I expect this little gem to be next, since he seems to think his clients would like to be impressed with cartoon-like, framed, ego filled fantasies. 

The next thing Walker bragged about was his foreign made treatment table which, he said, "Would be a nice down payment on a brand new Toyota Camry." From there, Walker talked about his foreign made epilator as his bread and butter machine that he could use as a down payment on a used Honda Civic. James, if you're listening, it sounds like you would be better off if you went back to selling used Japanese cars. 

How come Mr. Walker does not use American made electrolysis equipment? Let it be known that, in fact, James Walker VII, CPE, is a Canadian who does not like American Electrologists and products, but he likes the money and he does not use one piece of American made electrolysis equipment, which is the best in the world.

Nevertheless, the most correct and sensible statement James W. Walker the VII, CPE, made after mentioning his foreign manufactured bread and butter machine, and I quote him verbatim, "Being the idiot I am, I did everything backward and did not have any money left for decorating". His interviewer broke in and said, "I think you have a very nice hallway out there with plenty of magazines in the bathroom". Walker replied, "I'll bet Al Bundy would give my bathroom a Triple AAA rating, I will get the marble floors later". Then again in the video you could see his antique circa 1950's pressed imitation walnut paneling throughout his office which had not one certificate on the wall.

Walker continued to struggle throughout the interview, giggling at his own corny jokes and furtive comments to Lisa Rose but he never really talked about electrolysis. So far his talented subject, the lovely Lisa Rose, has endured patiently lying on the table and responding to prompted chuckles from the announcer's comments.

It's obvious that James Walker VII, CPE, wants to point out that he alone possesses the most expensive foreign made electrolysis equipment that money can buy. He never gives credit to the fact that electrolysis is a 100% American invention and that our USA manufacturers make the best electrolysis equipment. Foreign companies have copied and then flooded the market with cheap computerized imitations such as those that James Walker VII, CPE, exclusively uses in his office. For the record, I am proud to be an American and I use the best American made computerized epilator, the R.A. Fischer CBX Programmable Epilator Series Four Model.

Walker has a unique obsession with foreign made products. For instance he stated, "Now I have my gold electrolysis needles from France and I will spear the hair with it". I wonder how many of Mr. Walker's patients run out of his office after he says he's going to spear their hair. James, you do not spear the hair, you gently insert the probe down the follicle shaft and apply the correct current and then remove the hair gently without any pain.
Meanwhile his client, Lisa Marie, appeared about to bolt from the room! 

Poor Lisa Rose, the subject for this supposed electrolysis demonstration, had to interrupt his corny dialogue and say how that light of his hurt her eyes and James again remarked, "Yeah it's the halogen bulb". What kind of idiot electrologist uses a painfully bright hot halogen bulb that prevents him from seeing the hair and the entire area of the patient's face and skin correctly? However our uneducated non-licensed electrologist who seems to be insensitive to all these issues continued to let the hot bright light hurt his patient's eyes.

During this wearisome interview, James Walker VII, CPE, our bearded electrologist hid behind his "Gynecologist's Lamp" in the shadows of the right hand corner and almost out of view from the camera. He never once made eye contact with the viewer while speaking. Another item that was most notable was that James was never close up to the camera, and so one wonders why he seemingly hid from his viewers. Maybe Mr. Demille was not ready for Walker's close up shot? 

Walker's subject, Lisa Marie, surprised him and asked him if electrolysis hurt. Walker, ever so tactfully, evaded that question in its entirety and with his condescendingly toned and highly squeaky voice asked, "How many cups of coffee do you drink?" He also asked how much water she drank a day. He began talking about stress and other issues related to pain just to change the subject and to avoid answering Lisa Rose's questions. Also, Instead of using a skin chart to show and explain to Lisa Rose that there are no nerve fibers inside the follicle shaft to the germinative base of the papillae and that all you should feel is slight sensation from the electricity. That is of course if your electrologist inserts the probe correctly. But all that Walker said is that you feel a slight prick or sting, and offered no further explanation. 

Another item that Mr. Walker talks about is how he prefers to do Flash Electrolysis, known as Microlysis, and using hip-hop Buck Rogers lingo, Walker boasts that he can treat up to 1,500 hairs per hour. (Whoa James, time out and give everyone enough time to put our boots on to avoid the poop that's piling up pretty deep around here). Walker is telling tall tales; he knows it is impossible to correctly treat 1,500 hairs per hour without causing massive skin damage.

Walker espouses a very narrow point of view when he recommends mostly short-wave technology for his clients which he calls "Flash Electrolysis". The more educated and licensed electrologists use the common sense approach by using all three modes of computerized treatment, which are Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend, and these should be used and tested to see which mode produces the best results for different types of hairs and skin conditions on each individual. 

During the entire production it was obvious that Walker had stage fright and was camera shy. He was unprepared, completely tripping over his tongue, totally missing the advantage to capture the viewer's attention and present a thorough, professional, scientific, theoretical presentation of the electrolysis application using a medical grade skin chart and epilator within this photo opportunity. I saw no skin chart on the wall that he should have referred to during his demonstration and he continuously drifted off the subject by comparing his electrolysis equipment to Japanese automobiles.. Maybe James was once a used car salesman before he became a Canadian "Electrolysist"?


Then James Walker VII, CPE, leapfrogged to his next topic by saying that the thing that separates his practice from all other electrologist's practices (and by this he means women-owned practices) is that most electrologists (women) spend more money decorating their offices than on the essential items required to run a practice. Furthermore, Walker states it is his opinion that the majority of licensed electrologists use water effects, and marble floors coupled with excessive decoration, while he spent a total of $1200.00 dollars for his epilators and a couple pair of forceps. Along with Walker's insulting comments, he continues to make absurd assumptions and statements during the interview. Where did James Walker VII, CPE, who did not bother to say where he got his information, come up with this figure of $1200.00 for a machine and a couple of pairs of forceps? Also, for some strange reason, Walker deliberately fails to mention his complete lack of having any formal accredited electrolysis education. In fact, I noticed Walker's walls were quite bare to say the least, except for his one and only certificate that came from a Diploma Mill where he paid $225.00 for a 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist Certificate Diploma, which appears to be the total sum of his knowledge on electrolysis.

Mr. Walker, it is so wrong and very unprofessional for you to belittle women the way you have and to bash other electrologist without knowing what they have for equipment. Mr. Walker, for you to assume so much and make bad-mannered comments such as saying that a nicely decorated office does not compare to your own "Medieval Dungeon" when it comes to decorating, I find this uncouth and crude. Walker, you're trying to insinuate that women, who are the majority of licensed electrologists by 99 and 3/4%, spend more time decorating their offices than on the essential equipment needed and that you alone spend more money for your electrolysis equipment. This is an insult and a cheap shot to all state licensed and registered electrologists. James Walker VII CPE, since 1875 women have worked hard and have built electrolysis into a recognized "Professional Industry" and your claim that we do not take our chosen profession seriously has no merit and denigrates women.

Mr. Walker, in spite of your spewed "wisdom", you forgot to tell the public that you never attended a nationally accredited electrolysis school and that you do not have a state license and registration to practice as an electrologist. In my professional opinion, your narcissistic arrogance is offensive and ludicrous. The fact that you alone think you are entitled to pass over attending an accredited electrolysis school, run out and buy your equipment, take a "Mickey Mouse" 120-hour fourth grade wonder course with a fourth grade multiple choice exam with no practical electrolysis training or examination, makes all you say a complete farce. 

Mr. Walker takes pleasure in insulting women who are educated, trained, tested, and licensed, registered electrologists, who spend from two to three years on their education, all before they open their practices, let alone purchase their equipment. I wonder if Mr. Walker is even aware that to become a licensed and registered electrologist you need to find an accredited electrolysis school first, register with the state board, complete your 1100 hours of required training , graduate and successfully pass your state board's 2 hour written and 1 hour practical examination. Of course after you receive your state license and registration as an electrologist you can open your practice however you please, but I have to wonder why he feels entitled to skip his electrolysis education. 

Another item that I found particularly offensive is that James referred to transgendered women as a "transsexual job" and not once did he refer to them as women or in the feminine NOUN or ADJECTIVE. What idiot in his right mind would say such a profoundly demeaning statement? I take extreme offense at being called a transsexual "JOB"! The term smacks of discrimination and labels the transsexual as a third gender or someone less than human, a substandard "product" that needs to be cleaned up and buried away somewhere where the light of day doesn't shine. My goodness, being black himself, you would think he would understand the hurt this would cause a TS who already has a hard time with self-identity. Has he no memory of his particular race's past? Can he not bring forth any empathy for what a transsexual goes through in life just to find some degree of normalcy? Does he really feel the need to debase another gender just because they may look and express a little differently than his concept of normal? 

You can see that Walker's attitude toward all women is ingrained in his soul as is shown in the condescending tone he uses with his subject, Lisa Rose, who is his prop for the show and not a real client. 


Walker wrote a comment about Lisa Rose, his model on the video, saying, "Good G-d, the female host of the show was extremely anxious that I was going to perform a sneak treatment on her that she appeared ready to blast off my treatment table like a "Cruise Missile"." Most women would be afraid once they learned that he has no accredited electrolysis education, no state license and no registration to practice as an electrologist. Furthermore, Walker went on to say that Lisa Rose was overly concerned with the concept that someone might think that she actually needed Walker's electrolysis services. 
Furthermore, Rose made Walker promise that he would make it known that she was not his patient, and she did not have an unwanted hair problem on her face. Now James, really, you need to be sensitive to a woman's privacy and no woman would publicly say she has an unwanted hair problem. James, the way you acted in front of her and telling her that you had a "worm's eye view of her face" using your "Gynecologists Lamp" would have set any woman to fleeing your presence right then and there. The fact that she endured your interview amazed me. Lastly, Walker went on to say, "If I had had my way, we would never have used her but it was not my production, and squabbling with her was not my specialty". Now James, seriously, how do you live with yourself when you mistreat your friends and stab them in back after they helped make this wonderful video for you at no charge?

Complainer that he appears to be, Walker went on to complain on, that he wanted to use a customer he had done treatments on already, but the boss insisted that they have his model in the production. Walker said they finished the film, but they never gave it any air time, even though it was advertised as an upcoming feature in some of the uncut footage. They did however post it on the internet but did not bother to edit the content. Walker remarked that they just did a Leno/Letterman style spoof of it and said sorry, but we have run out of time, would you call us back again sometime in the near future? Of course all this happened in the month of June in the year 2002 and Walker, who is still waiting, has not received a call from them. Of course it's apparent they gave James Walker VII, CPE, the old Hollywood heave-ho which translates into, Don't Call US we'll call you. Well it's amazing that James Walker VII , CPE, is on the same track as his mistress, Andrea James, Hollywood's most famous, unknown movie star and producer.


Finally, Walker abuses his position as moderator of, and tries to punish licensed and registered TS electrologists who promote and adhere to the mandatory licensing and registration of electrologists. Now remember that Mr. Walker has moved to the U.S from Canada for the express reason that states like New York, which have no requirements to practice electrolysis, give him carte blanche to tell the largest fibs and practice mediocre electrolysis on the unsuspecting public. It's most obvious that James, being a resident of New York State, finds my articles that promote mandatory education and licensing and registration of all electrologists in New York and elsewhere threatening to him as he himself fails in this department. In essence James Walkers VII, CPE's, sole mission in life is to be the defender of the realm for illiterate non-licensed electrologists. Walker uses his non-licensed quacks, aka Internet Trolls, on to pose as bona-a-fide electrologists, to verbally slam and bash licensed and registered T.S. electrologists. Hopefully someday James Walker VII, CPE, will eventually realize that trained, tested, licensed and registered electrologists are in the best interest of the public and will eventually be mandatory in New York State as well.


So remember, when you're looking for an electrologist, always make sure the first diploma on the wall has come from a "Nationally Accredited Electrolysis School" with a state seal bearing the date of graduation and hours attended. The second diploma is from the state, where the electrologist successfully passed their dual state board examination and is where the electrologist is presently licensed and registered. If the electrologist tells you they are not required to be licensed in their state and their total education is a "120-Hour Certified Professional Electrologist Course", then it's time to keep on looking because there's always a few of us licensed and registered electrologists in states with no licensing requirements. 

Recently on, Mr. James Walker VII, CPE, had recently made a vague comment that he did not have time to attend electrolysis school. Mr. Walker knows that that's a lot of hooey and a blatant excuse for laziness, and a complete disregard for the safety of his clients and the proper procedures a decent training can provide. I know many electrologists who are married and have families, unlike Mr. Walker, and I know many single mothers who worked as well, yet still found the time to attend electrolysis school full-time to earn their state license and registration as an electrologist. I wonder what makes Mr. Walker, think that he is so special that he's entitled to skip electrolysis school and earn his state license and registration as an electrologist like others who do. 

I find that Walker does not have a valid reason to substantiate his false claim of being a Board Certified Professional Electrologist when it's a known fact that he did not attend an accredited electrolysis school even part-time. By going to school and earning his own licensed credentials he would not have had to ask or coerce the one and only licensed electrologist on's forum to speak on his behalf and she was wrong for endorsing his electrolysis illiteracy. It's most obvious that he does not endorse the requisite electrolysis licensing and registration of all electrologists and he does his best to make sure that the subject of mandatory licensing of electrologists is not allowed on Where he personally censors all comments concerning it. His obvious abuse and censorship of the "free press" discredits as a forum along with his manufacture of lies to coerce so-called members to falsely slander and degrade state licensed and registered T.S. electrologists across America just so he can hurt them. His continued habitual refusal to become an educated, trained, licensed and registered electrologist does not empower him with the right to claim membership of or in the "Electrolysis Profession" until he actually earns a legitimate state license and registration as an electrologist like everyone else does.

One last question James, "What is with your title James Walker VII"? People use I II and III but beyond that, lineage numeration is reserved for royalty in the history books. I think it's obvious that you use it as an "ego booster" in a vain attempt to impress people with your name to override the obvious lack of substance, character, and an electrolysis education. 


Earlier we talked about how Walker refers to transgendered patients as a "transsexual job" and not once on his forum has he ever referred to a TS woman in the feminine noun or adjective or in any respectful form or manner. For years, James Walker VII, CPE, has falsely claimed and advertised that he is a TG Friendly Electrologist, etcetera. Now, Walker's latest claim that he is a Sexual Reassignment Clearance Specialist is an insult to TG & TS women. Oh, we know Walker just loves to work on transsexuals for the amount of work they represent. Nonetheless, there are few instances where it's been discovered that James Walker VII, CPE, makes a Freudian slip of the tongue with his prejudiced and bigoted remarks against licensed TS Electrologists on Walker calls these women transsexuals "He-She's" and "His/Hers". However, it would be interesting to hear his other comments about GLBT folk in general. His attacks against TS electrologists, who are state licensed and registered as electrologists, are just another cheap potshot meant to to put down his TS competitors because he has no professional electrolysis education and no license and registration to practice as an electrologist. In my 33 years as a Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist, I know every electrologist in this profession who discriminates against the TG Community and without one doubt, James Walker VII, CPE, is the leader of the pack.

However, it's really upsetting when a foreigner like James Walker VII, CPE, a guest of America, slanders licensed TG electrologists while he blatantly lies and advertises that he is TS or TG Friendly. I am sure James Walker VII, CPE, will come up with another lie when a TG client learns that Walker is prejudiced against transsexuals. Then with his lying tongue he will proclaim innocence and say to his TG client, "But I did not mean that against you, and that slur I said was meant for a licensed TG electrologist". However all TS's know the prejudice used against one TS is prejudice against all TSs and that Walker's nauseous comments against post-op TG Electrologists, where he explicitly states, "He/she" has enough free time to expend "his/her" resources", clearly defines James Walker VII, CPE, as a jealous, hateful, and prejudiced bigot who would tear down a competitor's professional reputation based on the fact that Walker cannot stand that she is a successful licensed and registered electrologist in good standing for over 30 years. His document is offensive and I will not post it, however if you email me your request I will be glad to send you a PDF file so you can see James Walker VII, CPE, is not TG Friendly. He should remove the post because it will cost him clients.

Previously I stated that Walker is an embarrassment to the African American community because of his use of prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. Well I would like to amend that with a correction and say James Walker VII, CPE, is an embarrassment to the Canadian African community and his behavior as a guest in the United States of America makes him an undesirable alien who should be deported. Furthermore he is an encumbrance to all honest, hard-working Canadians that live and work in the USA and to those who have made America their home.


You're in for a shock when you take a look at James Walker's Executive Clearance Suite in Buffalo, New York. The picture shows where Mr. Walker hangs his shingle. One can see that our critic prefers to hide his talented skill for exterior decorating. His office suite located at 2242 Gennesee Street, Cheektowaga, Buffalo, NY 14211 has recaptured that lost look of what "Fort Apache" used to look like circa 1980's with that armed-urban combat zone look of the Bronx where one needed an armored car just to cross the street. One can only hope that Google will soon develop an "Interior View" option to allow a quick peek into the undoubtedly beautiful halls of Executive Clearance Headquarters.




James's office in TIN PAN ALLEY! 

Well it seems our shy and bashful James Walker VII, CPE, non-licensed electrologist, who lives in a glass house, should not throw rocks and tell big lies about others. (An unknown contributor provided me a color photograph of Mr. James Walker's VII, CPE Executive Clearance headquarters.)

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Owner and Founder of Boston Electrolysis® Inc.

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