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Using American Made Computerized Programmable Electrolysis Epilator R.A. Fischer CBX-Pro-Blend Series Four Programmable

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In my thirty-three years of private practice, particularly the last five years I have worked long hours to develop a specialized procedure and treatment that treats the toughest unwanted hair problems with a one out three to four kill rate for every hair treated or better on the second, third and fourth treatments. Boston Electrolysis has earned its reputation and five-star rating for treating and clearing the most difficult cases after other electrologists have given up. Having developed my own trade secret techniques used in my daily practical application allows me to consistently use Galvanic current with minimum settings starting at 5 to 9 milliamperes on the very first treatments and from 7 to 15 milliamperes on the second or third treatment is routine. Most important is the fact there is no scabbing, scarring or pitting with this treatments in addition all patients find my treatments exceedingly comfortable.


However if your hair density is to intense or the skin is to inflamed from shaving, plucking and waxing I will opt and use short-wave treatments for a few rapid clearings if the hairs are too dense meaning the area to be treated has more or an equal amount of hair than skin. From that point on after the second or third treatment I will start galvanic treatments using from 6, 8 and up to 12 milliamperes and up depending upon the condition and thickness of your skin and hair type.  The primary development of my trade secret technique utilizes my firm three-way stretch using a highly accurate swift deep back-handed insertions the with computerized current timing set from 10 to 20 and 30 seconds galvanic current per-hair. In addition the computerized epilator is programmed for an additional second round of current by leaving the probe inserted it will automatically give a second round of current after three seconds if the probe is not removed and you can do a third round if needed.  This allows me to perform, maximize and insure the patients comfort during each and every hair during electrolysis treatments while achieving outstanding results with every treatment.  Additionally the galvanic bubbling of the skin subsides from the beginning of the treatments and is gone by the time patients arrives home to do their prescribed Epsom salt soaks.


Non-licensed or poorly trained electrologists whose obvious lack in education concerning the instruction of theoretical histology, basic electricity with advanced practical techniques do not comprehend that using galvanic current in the upper levels requires expertise and can or is just as comfortable as the lower range of 3, 4, 5 and six milliamperes. Using precise exact deep insertions beyond the papillae into the blood supply (capillaries) insures maximum results with a virtually pain-free treatment depending on the location of the hairs. Also doing treatments in this manner induces electro-anesthesia (temporary loss of the skin sensitivity) where the treated area feels like it has been numbed with an injection of Novocain. This is my treatment of choice that I have developed for tough resistant severe unwanted facial hair problems for deep-seated plucked, waxed, shaved and laser treated hairs stemming from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and other forms hyper-trichosis.

Applied correctly there is no next day scabbing or excess edema although on first time treatments of this nature some galvanic treatments have slight edema for a day or so. However on second galvanic treatments there is none or no noticeable edema or scabbing on the day after treatment.

Electrologists not educated in theoretical applications of Galvanic current and those who espouse that short-wave currents by itself are superior over all others are short-changing their patient's progress. I have always stated I use all three computerized modes of electricity and use what best for the patient's particular unwanted hair problem.

The physical benefit associated with permanently removing your unwanted unsightly hair problem improves your appearance and emotional well being. In my professional opinion this is the best way to make sure your patient see results with each and every treatment they learn by experience electrolysis achieves permanent results. For your information I perform your treatment with the best American manufactured late model State Of The Art Computerized Epilator the R.A. Fischer CBX Programmable Epilator Series Four Model.

All your treatments are performed by me and you are not turned over to a junior operator, Boston Electrolysis is not a spa or salon it is a no-nonsense neat, clean and efficient licensed registered electrologist's office. I tell patients it is in your best interest to verify that your electrologist is an experienced educated, trained state licensed and registered electrologist. Don't listen to an electrologist who tries to convince you that using an out-dated a non-computerized electrolysis epilator is not important.



You might need antibiotic therapy if you have acute Folliculitus where your skin is inflamed and broken out with pustules and ingrown hairs. It is to your benefit when your electrologist understands that dead microorganisms are unhealthy and when left untreated can permanently discolor or damage your skin. However too many electrologists and quite a few physicians are not familiar with treating hair and skin conditions that require specialized treatment and care. However if you physician does not understand I would be glad to explain to you in your consultation, in addition if you need a physician in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area I can refer you to ours for this specialized treatment. Fact and without one doubt I recommend antibiotic therapy for all patients who have electrology intensives because it promotes rapid healing while improving your complexion from moderate to excellent.  



Do not listen to an electrologist that says it say it okay to shave between treatments. The reason, is the first two layers of our skin are dead cells is because dangerous deadly bacteria cannot invade the Stratum Corneum and Stratum Lucidum which is composed of dead cells. Mother Nature's evolution did this is to prevent deadly bacteria from invading our bodies which could result in our deaths. Fact live bacteria cannot penetrate dead tissue unless there is an open wound, scrape, cut or abrasion for it to enter. So when you scrape and shave those first two layers of skin off your face you are exposing the live layers of your skin known as the Malphigian and Corium layer to bacteria, which will result in acute follicultis, infected and inflamed ingrown hairs and pustules and worse even a systemic infection of your skin. To use this specialized treatment your skin must be in excellent condition because no educated licensed electrologist will work on inflamed, infected skin. Often shaving is the direct cause of Folliculitus and it makes your unwanted hair problem worse by stimulating hair growth.



Pain is a subject that very electrologists will talk about so I thought why not? For the record depending upon the skill, education, experience and expertise of your electrologist very few people are aware that there are no nerve fibers in the follicle structure. Henceforth, if your electrologist is trained, tested, educated, licensed, registered and skilled strictly at electrolysis only you most likely have a good treatment. However it is important that you understand that the competency levels of electrologist vary and one fact that people who seek a qualified electrologist fail to notice is motivation to do an excellent job. With all of these attributes checked off you should have an excellent treatment that is virtually pain free? On the other hand there are some people that have had negative experiences by non-licensed uneducated certified professional electrologists. With the exception of the sensitivity of the upper lip you will find my electrolysis treatments are quite comfortable and relaxed experience.



Most of the galvanic currents ability to destroy the hair growing cells is caused by the electrolytic action and the electrodessication (drying out the hair) and electrolytic-chemical decomposition that results in the break-down of the entire structure of the active hair growing follicle. If your electrologist is educated and well versed in Histology and wise to ways of practical experience using Galvanic current and other combined modes the electrologist can insert the probe into root structure and past the active growing hair and into the germinative papillae and treat the coiled bed hair known as "baby anagen” and directly into the capillaries couplers known as the blood supply that nourishes each and every hair of the follicle.  A deeper insertion can only be applied to the chin and neck and others areas of skin with a satisfactory thickness of adipose tissue in good supply inserting the probe this deep treats the coiled bed hair attached to the papillae of active growing hair that an electrologists occasionally sees but many electrologists do not comprehend the origin of the bed hair. The reason most electrologists do not see the bed hair is because it is in the microscopic cellular stage of hair growth is not visible to the naked eye however it can be seen under a powerful microscope. Additionally after 2 to 4 weeks of growth with 4.25 magnifications most electrologists often see the bed hair without giving a second thought as to where did this come from it because most electrologists are only concerned treating the hair that protrudes from the skin. There are times electrologist remove the main hair and the smaller hair comes out attached to main hair which means that hair will never regenerate.

The Best Treatment for Microscopic Cellular Hair Growth Is Galvanic Current

Again uneducated or poorly trained electrologists are at a complete disadvantage in understanding the theoretical concept of galvanic treatment of the microscopic cellular of stage hair growth can only be accomplished with Galvanic current. Thermolysis has its place in rapidly clearing large areas with thick hair density and its radio frequency sinusoidal wave produce by alternating current can easily kill the non-distorted root structure of the hair with a correct insertion. However for deep seated endocrine and severe unwanted  distorted follicles are compounded and made worse by shaving, plucking and waxing caused the hair to be denser, thicker, coarser, distorted with curved the roots of the hair Galvanic current cannot be matched for its effectiveness.

There is no simpler treatment to understand than Galvanic Current single probe technique is the most successful because of its ability to completely destroy microscopic cellular hair growth. This is why it is vital for the electrologist who seeks a high kill rate per hair needs to understand Theoretical Histology and how Galvanic Current really works.  That destruction of the hair in its entirety is achieved and indicated by galvanically produced lye caused by the electrolysis electrolytic conversion reaction that activated after three seconds of Galvanic current. Galvanic current with today's modern computerized epilators on its own reduces the old two-minute duration down to about 10, 20 and 30 seconds per hair. And just as important, the high kill rates are still maintained and find the kill rate for single probe Galvanic to be about 70 to 80 percent and higher.

  • Improved Causticity -- heated lye is significantly more caustic.
  • Porosity -- the tissue surrounding the probe is turned into a permeable mass through which the heated lye solution can easily disseminate.
  • Agitation -- more readily working its way through the tissue by diffusion, the lye surrounding the needle is spread by agitation. This turbulence sends the hot lye solution into every area in the hair follicle and around the hair shaft.

This spreading action is also very important when one considers the need for properly destroying the undifferentiated cells found slightly higher up in the follicle, called stem cells, which are responsible for new hair growth. However all the nourishment for the hair and replacements hairs come from base of the follicle in the Germinative Chamber. Additionally, the Galvanic current is available and able to successfully treat curved and distorted follicles due to its spreading action.

Despite all of its technical advantages, galvanic electrolysis practiced by electrologists who lack in electrolysis education do not know how to use Galvanic current and many think that it possesses intrinsic circumstantial disadvantages.  My experience, technique and outstanding results resoundingly disprove unsubstantiated claims made by inexperienced poorly trained uneducated non-licensed electrologists. Galvanic action and treatments are comfortable and pain management, is rarely needed when your electrologist is professionally educated, experienced and licensed and registered as an electrologist. Administering effective galvanic electrolysis is technically complicated and involved process, requiring more training, expertise with requisite State of The Art R.A. Fischer CBX Pro-Blend Series 4 computerized epilator.  Using state-of-the-art computerized Galvanic and blend epilators are best suited due to the extensiveness of practical application needed and sheer volume of follicles requiring treatment during beard removal. However, computerized epilators were first introduced to electrolysis market by the R.A. Fischer Company since 1985. Being a distributor for the R.A. Fischer Company at that time I flew to California and became the first electrologist to use the Computerized Epilator that's my logo read America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist 1985.  In addition being the only R.A. Fischer Distributor who sold the computerized epilator for a 2 year period in addition that I supplied free training. Without one doubt being America's First Computer Electrolysis Electrology Specialist makes me the most experienced electrologist in the practice of Computerized Electrolysis Electrology and Blend.


Boston Electrolysis is not like going to the” laser parlor operator” where are you required to pay in advance for your treatment. Competent licensed and registered electrologists have faith in their work and ability to get the job done and that is my first priority.


For the record this is when you hope your electrologist has ethics and common sense and remember the part of the Hippocratic Oath that physicians swear to, "Not to make it worse." Painless electrolysis intensives are the new wave of the profession and the best way to shorten your treatments time depending how much hair you have and how quickly you want to get rid of you unwanted facial hair problem. Call me for an in depth no fee consultation where your questions are answered with my 30 years of knowledge with my Written Guarantee of Excellence.


Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean


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Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

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