Diagnostic Case History©



How To Do A Thorough Case History

By Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

President of The Five Star Electrologists Guild


Kimberly WilliamsPART FOUR

  • Diet and Stress
  • Previous Electrolysis Treatments
  • Temporary Methods
  • Addenda Laser Treatments Cause Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • AIDS Questionnaire

Diet and Stress

  1. On a one to ten scale how would you rate your stress level?

  2. Are you aware that stress can cause an unwanted hair problem?

    For example people who are constantly stressed put excessive demands    on their adrenal system. The adrenal glands produce adrenaline for emergency body functions. The adrenal cortex produces aldostorone and cortisone two steroids that have male secondary sex characteristics such as unwanted facial and body hair. (The electrologist should be aware of this. If not brush up on your endocrinology.)

  3. Do you eat a balanced diet? 

    Some patients who are overweight or underweight could have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Either of these conditions can result in unwanted hair problems. The diagnostic case history can assist you in treating endocrine-induced hair problems.

  4. Do you exercise regularly or meditate?

    People who exercise and practice some type of meditation regularly are healthier and tend to handle and cope with stress much easier. People who do not exercise or meditate tend to have stress-related hair problems.

Previous Electrolysis Treatments


Be sure to record previous treatment and the kind of equipment and treatments that the previous electrologist used. Some patients will have had treatments that provide valuable information for you. The difference in equipment and types of treatments helps the electrologist evaluate each patient on an individual basis. Take advantage of this information.


Listed below are the categories. Taking time to do a thorough case history demonstrates to your patient that you listen, and gains your patient's confidence and loyalty.


Addenda Laser treatments cause Chronic Pain Syndrome


Addenda article seven. Nine out ten patients who walk into my office that have been to a Laser Parlor have suffered permanent skin damage caused by first, second and third degree burns. These burns have resulted in permanent skin damage just like any other burn victim that would be seen in hospital emergency room. In addition to that they have permanent loss of pigmentation where the skin has absolutely no color. These burns can be quite disfiguring and cannot be repaired a plastic surgeon or any other medical procedure.


Additionally patients who have had laser treatment at the local parlor have had their skin traumatized and burned. Electrologists should never work on sunburn, which in my professional opinion completely understates the trauma that has been inflicted upon their skin. In addition, laser parlors inflicts a much more from of severe sunburn that damages the skin and makes it over sensitive. The end result is the patient who has recently laser treatment will be complaining and blaming the electrologist and claim electrolysis procedure is too much to bear. If this be the case inform the patient that you evaluated their skin and in you opinion is safe to work on.  On the other hand your nerve endings are presently inflamed and that’s why you are so sensitive. However you must take into consideration that lasers treatment have been known to permanently leave nerve tissue presently damaged and that patient subject to permanent pain syndrome from moderate to severe.


Fact - it takes three to four months for a patient who had Laser treatments of which I consider the minimum damage to their skin classified as severe sunburn. So when a patient who has had laser treatment presents himself or herself for electrolysis treatment you must point the sensitivity they have is due to being burned by the laser.  You the electrologist must record this information and help the patient to understand that the laser parlor traumatized the nerve endings of their skin. This must be recorded on the case history card. Additionally a digital camera is requisite to record this type of skin condition.





The Five Star Diagnostic Case History© is not 100 percent infallible. This case history provides general guidelines for the practicing licensed and registered electrologist. All recommendations are precautionary in nature and each electrologist should tailor these recommendations to fit his or her own practice and seek legal and medical advice when in doubt. We assume no liability for errors or omissions on the part of electrologists utilizing this booklet and case history card. 



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