TFSEG™ expects requests from Electrologists who want to be known as the best of our chosen profession.


If you want to takes years building your practice while at the same time spending thousands of dollars in advertising working long hours you can do it. Nonetheless the best investment an electrologist can make is becoming a member of the Five Star Electrologists Guild™ We licensed and registered electrologist takes pride in the care we provide our patients. It is natural for every woman or man seeking the best Electrologists for permanent hair removal to be made aware of you and your practice.    Fact, nine out ten patients who come to my office found me on the Internet.  Five stars is the universal symbol of the best quality available and your FSEG membership is much more than a certificate. Belonging to FSEG will save you money will allow to your advertising budget across the board especially the dreaded monthly yellow pages directory.


The era of an electrologist just listing her name, address and telephone have come to end!


In today’s hectic world people want information and they make quick trip to the net to get it.  If you have a page that lists the usual you’re out of date and to get ahead of the curb your page must personable, friendly and easy to find.  The more you put into the page the more get back.  The FSEG™ website and web page represents you at your best. Today’s Internet consumer will make their choice and decision based on information, quality of content and they liked what they saw.  So if you have another listing someplace else look, compare, and see the difference than make up your mind.


The Boston School of Electrolysis™ the mother site for The Five Star Electrologist Guild is rated one of the best on the on the net for electrolysis information.


With it’s hard-hitting scientific facts, articles, news, education, editorials, investigative reporting and even and a consumer advocate against scammers Spotlight On Slime©.  A website of this caliber takes years of hard work and thousands of dollars to design and become established as the best. One of the benefits of a website is the consumer recognizes excellence and expertise and a good website reflects your professional ability.  Nine out of ten calls I receive are ready to make an appointment after I have answered the phone because they have visited the site. Also if someone calls and I am too busy I ask them to please visit and email me my site listed in the internet or if they happen to see the web address on the yellow pages ad. Very rarely will patient fail to make an appointment if they have already read your page.


School memberships!


Schools that license and register electrologist are the bedrock foundation and the future of the profession. Electrolysis schools in states that require licenses and registration The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ is the best place your school. The FSEG promotes education as the primary first step to train and educate the graduate electrologist to become licensed and registered.  In addition, The FSEG openly promotes and encourages student that resides in a state with no electrolysis requirements to travel out of state to attain one. Most electrologists associations overcharge schools to belong their group. At TFSEG™ membership is only $300.00.00 per year for schools and which includes a second page.


TFSEG makes it simple for the consumer to locate your practice whenever, wherever, anywhere, but only if you're listed!


Be listed with the best! The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ Directory Index provides your own page, photo, biography, map, and access to the Boston School of Electrolysis™ website that promotes and educates the consumer. List all of your information on your quality page. The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ guides consumers to your practice with savvy Internet marketing strategy that is second to none, which includes the cost of your membership! 


The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ On-Line-Index is modern with a savvy Internet strategy that will brings those seeking the best to your practice. 


The FSEG™ website praises the licensed & registered electrologist while aggressively exposing temporary hair removal laser scams with scientifically written articles for the consumer and electrologist.  In addition being a member of this TFSEG eliminates consumer confusion by eliminating the non-licensed electrologists who have taken over other electrolysis guilds, associations, and societies who claims to be your peers.  How you ever studied the pricing index of the other associations, guild, societies and ask why they unfairly over-charge the licensed and registered electrologist by a third more than the non-licensed and registered electrologist? Do you think that is fair because you are a credentialed licensed and registered electrologist that you should pay more than a third than a non-licensed Certified Wonder Electrologists for your annual membership?  You ask what that is called?  Fact. It is professional envy, jealousy, and a complete lack of professionalism and ethics! 


The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ provides you your own, personal web address that you can use in your advertising stationary, envelopes, business cards, brochures and public advertisements.


We also list your e-mail address and main website address at no charge. The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ has been on-line for five years, and we get the hits that will make you a success. The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ uses the best Internet marketing strategy-targeting consumer who demands experience, expertise and quality treatments with the best ethics.  Other electrolysis associations, guilds and societies spend more time trying to convince the public that The Certified Wonder Electrologist is competent. Look at their site and that’s all you see and read Certified this, certified that, certified whatever electrologist they are promoting disaster and giving the unlicensed wanabes a free ride at our expense.


The Five Star Electrologists™ guarantees the consumer that our electrologists are educated, trained, tested and licensed and registered.


The TFSEG will be your professional home and sanctuary a guild that will be vocal and fight for what is right and to walk tall for our chosen profession. The Five Star Electrologist Guild™ endorses every licensed and registered in good standing because you met the most stringent standards to belong to a guild ever established.


What people will say and the consumer will demand!


The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ will restore faith, confidence and will reinvigorate the profession to a new and accepted standard of excellence. The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ is the only group with The Boston School of Electrolysis online educational website has real updates, editorials, expose articles about laser danger and other quacks. Written by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, and Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist 1979. This website educates the consumer that is seeking the best electrolysis available. All professionals women and men seeking the best Electrolysis treatments will love this site because we guarantee that you are a licensed and registered electrologist with a current license & registration in good standing.  In addition to that your establishment must have a business license in the city and the town that you practice.


The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ has a designed referral index that is easy access for the consumer looking for quality safe permanent hair removal.


From small towns to big cities all over America The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ are the consumer’s best choices of high quality electrolysis treatments and TFSEG while new is becoming the international symbol of the best electrologists. The FSEG™ is the licensed electrologists passport to success that that you will not find anywhere else. The TFSEG™ provides ample information about electrolysis because it is directly linked to its mother site The Boston School of Electrolysis™ that is rated a top site for educational information for the electrologist and consumer. 


This website also has The Five Star Electrologist© America's Online News & Education for the Electrologist and Consumer©.


 This online electrologists newspaper has informative articles and hard biting effective exposé’s about temporary hair removal methods such as the laser parlors and other assorted quacks.  We even have The Spotlight on Slime© to expose those unwelcome nasty quacks who feed upon innocent consumers with fraud, deceit and corruption. The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ will stand for what is right and will not sit idly by like others who just whine, bitch and complain about the laser.  The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ policy will be to educate the public and challenge all quacks when Laser Parlors falsely advertise and violate FDA rulings that state the laser is permanent when it is a known fact that is not permanent. Also, it is most painful, too. 


There is strength and safety in numbers and TFSEG will become a respected professional group that will stand for what is right and bring an end to all quacks and frauds who use false deceptive advertising who ever they may be.


The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ needs licensed and registered electrologists who want to be recognized as the best our chosen profession has to offer. Becoming a member of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ is an excellent an opportunity to advertise and promote your practice with best.


For only $200.00 a year with no hidden charges, you will be placed our index for those who seek quality electrolysis in your neighborhood!


Compare this to all other advertising such as regular Yellow Pages, other electrolysis associations, guilds who have minimal name, telephone, and address. At TFSEG we have Internet savvy and strategy designed to get you placed you in the top ten of the Internet search pages.  We provide you a whole web page with your smiling photograph, biography, map, license status, specialties and other pertinent data.  You’re at home with at TFSEG because all our members are screened for state licensing and registration and that your licensed electrologist is in good standing. The Five Star Electrologists Guild primary goal to is to educate the consumer and establish requisite the fact that the licensed and registered electrologists is the best of our chosen profession.

Why Should You Join?

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