The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ being the only private guild for the licensed and registered electrologists in America will establish new standard of professionalism and ethics.  So in addition we are the only guild in America to police itself and set real professional standards because other electrolysis guilds, association and societies refuse to do so. Every professional electrolysis guild, association and society must establish real rules and regulations to be accepted by the public that you are legitimate.  Any group the disregards this requisite need cannot be rated professional in any form or manner. However I have worked to keeps the rules and regulations simple and our objective goal is to prevent them from becoming complicated. Rules and regulations must be simple, straightforward and the point.  Rules and regulations protect our guild and its professional reputation by assuring the consumer that we care.



  1. Without exception and to be a member of the Five Star Electrologists™ Guild on must be a state license& registered electrologist with a minimum of 500 hours of training.
  2. Your license and registration have to be in good standing with no state board complaints in the last five years. You cannot be a member if your license has been revoked or suspended.
    Every member of the FSEG must have a business license in the town or city they practice in.
  3. Every practice must be listed in telephone directory that lists and states the name of the practice with a verifiable address.
  4. Every state licensed & registered electrologists must maintain the rules, regulations ethics of their board and maintain Sanitation and sterilizations as required by the state board they are licensed with.
  5. All FSEG guild must have a Hepatitis B inoculation from the Department of health or your private physician.
  6. Under no circumstances will a member of the FSEG divulge the name of patient or privileged information about that patients private or public without put the written the consent of patient when regarding medical condition that require so. Any FTEG found negligent in manner will be expelled and reported to their state board of electrologists.
  7. We live in the computer society no electrologist will contact a patient by soliciting and saying, “Time for a check up.” This is considered highly unprofessional and violates privacy issues such as some one reading that patients terminal work.
  8. No FSEG™ member will practice temporary methods of hair removal such the laser, epilight or any light induce method period. This includes past practice of the laser.
  9. NO FSEG™ member may publicly or privately including hardcopy or electronic publication or radio, television or media of privately advertise the laser in any form or while an active manner.
  10. No FSEG™ who has their membership revoked agrees they will not advertise former member of the FSEG past or present that endorses temporary hair removal such as the laser and other induced quackery for perpetuity.
  11. If a FSEG™ offers in a public advertisement a listed special with a price the offer will be good for a thirty-day period. All members who use the FSEG logo and decal shall not use them in conjunction with an advertisement that promote or approves of a non-licensed electrolysis guild, association or society. Also Laser Parlors hair removal and other temporary methods of hair removal are banned.
  12. Title display all FSEG™ member can advertise in this or other manners, example Jane Doe, R.E., California Licensed & Registered Electrologists,1985 , member in good standing of The Five Star Electrologist Guild™. No member shall advertise such as, example A Five Star Electrologist. This is done so the consumer will see you as a licensed & Registered Electrologist not a certified this, these, that and those which has confused the consumer for the last 24 years. Be proud of your license & Registration that you earned and that credentials you as real Professional.
  13. In addition, no member of The Five Star Electrologists can link to a non-licensed electrologist, laser parlor website or any known form of temporary hair removal such as waxing, plucking, shaving, sugaring, threading and depilatories and this includes falsely claimed hair growth inhibitors.
  14. All electrologists seeking membership will submit a copy of their pocket license for membership and renewal. All members of The Five Star Electrologists Guild will have their licensed checked for complaints and infractions for office inspection hygiene and sanitation.
  15. If a consumer wish to file a complaint it must be submitted to the electrologists state board first and no action will be taken until the State Board has rendered their decision.
  16. Racism, prejudice, bigotry and discrimination is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in any form or manner based on race, color, creed and lifestyle. Any member found culpable will have their membership permanently revoked.

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