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The Five Star Electrologists Guild™© with the help of The Boston School of Electrolysis™ website is here to help you promote your practice in the best possible manner. 


In addition, we would like to make you aware the when you become a member you have your own URL web page. The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ is looking for licensed and registered electrologists that care and take pride that they alone render the best possible treatments available.


With your own URL that can be used on business cards, stationary and all form of advertising you can expand your practice at a fraction of the cost of any other known form of advertising combined.


During a typical day at my office and when I’m busy and I receive a new patient requesting information I direct them to my website and they are informed with educated articles and information that answers theirs questions. However nine times out of ten they have read my website and they would like to book an appointment for working consultation. So when that patient enters my office my for their consultation they are informed, educated and know what to expect and ready to start treatment.  A well-written web page is a bridge to you that connects you with the consumer to make you their the best choice for an electrologist. Fact, if you do not have a well-written web page you know somebody else has one.


Your webpage is your professional statement and key to success in today’s modern world where just your name, telephone and address in the yellow pages is not enough and it limits the growth of your practice.


We are in the information age and a well written, composed, designed webpage with your own URL is requisite and when coupled with an advanced Internet marketing strategy is the most effective and powerful advertising tool an electrolgist can use. If you don’t have one you can be sure your local neighborhood Laser Parlor has a webpage or website. If your only advertisement is the yellow pages you now know your phone is not ringing as much as it should.


Nine out ten new patients who walk into my office came in office found me on the Internet.


My website is listed on my yellow pages advertising and the consumers automatically go there because your yellow pages advertisement is limited and people do not want more information they demand it! A well-written webpage is like a preliminary consultation providing the consumer with vital facts, which in turn makes your time efficient. A webpage allows you to effectively to make new changes and that make you more competitive.


Normally this kind advertising would cost you thousand of dollars however; with your custom webpage with your URL your total cost is about three hundred dollars per year.


That is half what an electrologists pays for a descent display ad per month for yellow pages directory advertising.  In addition, future clients that visit the Boston School of Electrolysis and The Five Electrologists Guild™ will recognize you as belonging to the professions best.




Boston School of Electrolysis with The Five Star Electrologists Guild recognizes the best of our chosen profession, the licensed and registered electrologists and places you on the top where we belong! The policies of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ have restored the educated, trained, tested, licensed and registered electrologist as the best of our chosen profession.


Now The Boston School of Electrolysis with The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ will reestablish traditional professional ethics with the America’s Online Electrolysis News & Education for Electrologist the Consumer with the latest education and upgrades in the practice of modern electrology-electrolysis in the known profession.


For the record there is not one Electrolysis group can equal or approach our requisite professional education and licensing and registration requirements. Your membership with the Five Star Electrologists Guild™ requires that you are educated, trained, tested, licensed and registered as an electrologist. It’s about time we have our say and rule and regulate our chosen profession with absolute expertise, professionalism, education, ethics and honesty, as it’s rightful practitioners!


No electrolysis association, guild or society on the Internet or other media based can provide you the express access to the to the consumer base who demand the best electrologists for permanent hair removal.


To all licensed and registered electrologists The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ webpage with you own URL is your professional statement to the consumer.


Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

President of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ 


Copyright Boston School Of Electrolyis™ 2005 All Rights Reserved   

See this example web page for
The Boston School of Electrolysis™

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