There’s Always Room For Improvement

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean President


Dear Colleagues,


There’s always room for improvement; I can honestly say there are so few of you that I know. Nevertheless, it is my goal to know the very best of you and if you are a licensed and registered electrologist that has a need to excel and be recognized as a valued professional member of your community than “The Five Star Electrologist Guild” is for you! For this reason I want you to know that the Electrology-Electrolysis Industry needs its best electrologists to step forward and restore order and dignity to our chosen profession.  It is a known fact the state licensed and registered electrologists of America are the core strength and backbone of the Electrology-Electrolysis Industry.   For twenty-five years to the very present I am a hardworking practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist, Lic. 1979. Since 1980 I have observed the lowering of the bar in regard to an individual becoming an electrologist. At present we licensed and registered electrologists of the profession are baring the brunt and carrying the weight of a group of people who claim to be electrologists.


Who allowed the non-licensed electrologists to take a free ride on our backs while using our credentials?


Who are these uneducated wanabes that have audaciously usurped the right and claim to be a Certified Wonder Electrologist. Their education at best is a cruel hoax; just because they have taken a weekend wonder course, correspondence course or attended 125-hour crash course that does not make them a competent electrologist.


When attending the Kelly School of Electrology in Quincy, Massachusetts I thought after having earned my Massachusetts License and Registration as an Electrologist I would join the best association or guild. 


Just I was about to join it happened the cruelest hoax that has ever been perpetrated on the Electrology-Electrolysis Industry was the creation of the Certified Wonder Electrologist. The real tragedy happened when two major electrolysis groups opened theirs doors and threw down the welcome mat to these preposterous imposters. Why, why were they given credentials that we had to work for? Nonetheless, they got theirs without earning them! 


How come electrolysis guilds, association and societies that claimed to represent and adhere to the highest ethics and educational requirements to practice Electrology-Electrolysis accepted them and made them members?


I do not remember a vote or referendum however, if there was one it was never made public to myself.  How come we were not asked how we felt? The electrolysis associations, guilds and societies because of their greed and avarice are a down right liars and this action has caused long-term blight to of the Electrology-Electrolysis Industry!  When they started selling diplomas I tore up my application and threw it in the trash where it rightfully belonged.


Who were the first victims of The Certified Wonder Electrologists Association and who created this cruel swindle? 


Actually, I met the psychologist who created it (and she does not want her name name released) and here are her exact words, “It is cruel hoax at best.” In spite of this she sold it to interested buyers for a pittance who knew just how to market this scam. The Certified Wonder Electrologists are still victimizing consumers to this day with sub-standard electrolysis treatments; waxing and finally laser parlors. The first victims of were the electrolysis educational system. While attending The Kelly School of Electrology there were allot of students who came from states that did not have a state board of electrologists nor any requirements in those states to practice Electrology-Electrolysis. On the other hand while I attended the Kelly School for three years I observed there was a steady stream of out of out of state students who where taking the 500 hour out of state course of which many of these electrologists stayed on to finish and attain a license and registration.  The ones who had completed the 500-hour course of training to practice Electrology-Electrolysis who went home to their states where more than qualified to practice safe permanent hair removal.    

How could people in position of authority deny reality and not realize that this decision would hurt schools that educated and trained electrologists.


In states with no requirements the act of lowering the bar denied the public of well-trained electrologists who can perform a competent treatment. Up until 1980 the only electrologist that rated consumer respect was licenses and registered. Non-licensed electrologists have always been the have nots and they always have resented the successful licensed and registered electrologist.  Here they are begging for credentials and when they get them their first official act is to stab us is in the back. Why than would anyone want or need to go to a nationally accredited Electrology-Electrolysis school when they can buy their diploma?  You ask how the schools became victims?  By being able to purchase your quick quack credentials with a beautifully embossed diploma with a pretty blue ribbon the attendance at the quality electrolysis schools declined to point where quite a few schools closed. The Kelly School of Electrology, Quincy Massachusetts’s rated the best in the United States others closed their doors.  For an individual to attend a quality Electrology-Electrolysis school one now has to travel further, pay more and have less of a selection. The consumer, the educator, the practitioner right down the line has been directly robbed.


How does it look or how confused do you think the consumer has been brainwashed to believe that a Certified Wonder Electrologist is the same as or equal to a State Licensed and Registered Electrologist?


You do not have to accept that self-demeaning drop in your professional status by associating or being listed with uneducated non-professional unlicensed, unregistered quacks.  You now have a choice!  You ask what is that choice?  I am asking you do you want take a stand for requisite professional standards? Do you want to see you profession raise the bar to previous requirements of education?  If you are a younger electrologist ask a colleague who is more experienced and what the profession was really like before they dropped the standards? Do you want to see the return of professional expertise, pride, ethics and know how restored across the board so we can take back our profession?


For the first time in Electrolysis history since 1980 you have an opportunity to become a member of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ America ’s only guild for the licensed and registered electrologist.


In addition there will not be one Laser Parlor listed in any form or manner. You are guaranteed that the FSEG™ will fight all quacks, wrong doers that to bring harm to our chosen profession to the best of my ability.  The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ with its mother site the Boston School of Electrolysis™ provides hard-hitting facts, articles and information for the Electrology-Electrolysis Industry. For over 5 years Boston School of Electrolysis is the most advanced professional website that delivers the truth and reestablishes the Licensed & Registered Electrologists legitimate right to regulate and guide its profession in the right direction.  Being a member of the Five Star Electrologists Guild™ is a group that looks out for its own and keeps the riffraff out.


Presently there five or six electrolysis association, guilds and societies that will accept any Certified Wonder Electrologists© were cash, check, money-order or Master Card are for those special moments that will buy them the credentials they want with out having to work for them. 


Major electrolysis guilds, associations and societies have spawned illegitimate associations, guilds and societies that produce and manufacture worthless paper certificates that will certify anybody with out thoroughly checking an individual’s credentials. These sub-standard groups do not screen people who are going to be practicing electrologists for transmittable diseases; criminal records and being psychologically competent.  Fact there is no safe guards where a consumer can voice a legitimate complaint if there is no state board of electrologists. The Certified Wonder Electrologists Association and its affiliates do not hear complaints. In addition, not one of these associations, guilds or societies have a quality control committee.  This affects the consumer by not being able to voice a valid complaint!


The Five Star Electrologist Guild™ is for the state licensed and registered electrologist who provides the best possible treatment for safe permanent hair removal!


The FSEG with the help of America’s licensed electrologists will restore order for our chosen profession.  Being a member of TFSEG™ makes a statement that you stand for the betterment of the profession.  Together can reach these goals and send a loud and clear message that we represent the best of our chosen profession. In addition we will push for mandatory education and testing, license and registration of all electrologists and seek to establish licensing and registration where it does not exist. As a guild we have a responsibility and obligation to always pursue advanced technology and education to provide our patients the best treatment possible.

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Thank you,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

President and Founder of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™

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