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Stopping the Quacks in their Tracks


Laser Parlors and their financiers have only gotten as far as the have because people in leadership positions in electrolysis groups were and are still asleep at the wheel!


Well, we all know what happens to everyone that does not wake up when the alarm goes off.  We licensed electrologists are the best of our chosen profession and it has not been easy because Laser Parlor operators target our consumer base with lies, lies and more lies.  Just look at the laser parlors who’s biggest lie is “You do not have to suffer painful electrolysis any more.” Every corner you turn we are being attacked!  Patients finally come to me after they have been burned by the laser, pitted by a Certified Wonder Electrologist and fallen victim to every quack and snake oil scammer that have taken the consumers hard earned their money without earning it.


We licensed and registered electrologists must put a stop to the packs of rabid liars, thieves and cheats who are constantly attacking our profession.


Quackery has become pervasive and it has not been properly addressed it almost seems that a certain amount is acceptable.  Presently one electrolysis guild and society have made the unfortunate mistake of trying to bring the laser in the back door. In addition they are backtracking and removing their articles and statements that the laser does not work and is a danger to the public.  Did the two electrolysis groups ask their members or offer them a referendum that they could vote on certain issues? Not one electrolysis guild, association or society has addressed public relations. Their primary goal is promoting Certified Wonder Electrologists and now the laser.  However what can you expect from non-licenses electrologists? This is wrong the Electrology-Electrolysis Industry must reestablish the public’s perception of us.  The public needs to know we provide a valuable professional service while providing emotional support and understanding while permanently removing their hair problem. Public relations are must do.


The Laser Parlors are a billion dollar industry that lies, cheats, steals at the expense of the licensed and registered electrologist. 


The Laser Parlors hire certified wonder electrologists in states with no licensing and registration to be their operators and stab our profession in the back. How come the electrolysis guilds, associations and societies that claim the laser is dangerous, unsafe and cannot induce permanent hair removal do not expel them for unprofessional conduct?  Yet the electrolysis guilds, associations and societies wink at them, why?  They have been corrupted and sold their ethics to the highest bidder and the bottom line.  There more concerned about the yearly dues than what is right. 


The present electrolysis guilds, associations and societies are afraid to challenge Laser Parlors that break the laws that instruct their franchises that their chance of being prosecuted is almost non-existent.


One of the TFSEG™ primary goals is to expose the Laser parlors so that they are not above the law and bring their law breaking to the attention of the public at large, media and legal authorities.  Instead of fuming when you see an illegal advertisement send them a copy of the ad on standard form letter with boxes that you check off for each violation keep one for yourself. Make sure letter is detailed and legible and notify them by letter of their illegal infraction and asks them so cease and desist.  After reasonable amounts of time of five working days if they refuse to answer or fail to cease desist illegal advertising report them to the local BBB & BBB on line, FTC and FDA (Federal Trade Commission and FOOD and Drug Administration).  Those complaints add up and in addition, we will also post them on the Spotlight on Slime©. If you are close to another FSEG™ member fax them a copy of the complaint and have them file on too.  The more complaints filed the more effective.  A standard form letter with stamped envelopes will takes minute to complete and mail and they are very effective.


Laser Parlors have only gotten as far as they have because people fume instead of taking legal action? 


The power of the press and the written word can move mountains you would be surprised how one letter can stop Laser Parlors that illegally advertise and slander us. Imagine what a real guild can do for you! Non-licensed electrolysis, guilds, associations and societies who bellyache, whine, bitch and write an article here and there are not earning their keep. 


Laser Parlors cannot effect permanent hair removal and in spite of this will continue to break and defy law as long as they go unchallenged!


The FDA clearly stated, " Laser hair removal manufacturers may not claim that laser hair removal is either painless or permanent unless the FDA determines that there are sufficient data to demonstrate such results." In addition the Laser Parlors since the 1998 ruling for six years have been unable to prove that their device only effects temporary hair removal and it is not painless and in addition they clearly stated that it is not permanent in any form or manner.  To this date since the 1998 FDA ruling forbids any Laser Parlor for hair removal to advertise as painless or permanent.


Even after they have burned and mutilated patients Laser Parlors and their lawyers plus public relations department (damage control) keep the majority of the malpractice cases from making it to the press.


Laser Parlors are well financed by unethical corporate greed with a defined marketing strategy that target peoples strongest emotional needs and drive. Even though have seriously burned and mutilated patients the Laser Parlors public relations department, legal staff and department has bribed, contained and paid off the bulk of laser lawsuits and kept them from the public. 


Now I want to directly address the practicing State Licensed and Registered electrologists that have gone to school and successfully passed you state boards. 


What do you think about those people who bought their credentials? Have you checked to see who has been appointed or elected to run these associations, guilds and societies whom you work to pay you’re hard earned money to? For you the Licensed and Registered electrologists out there who belong to some of these associations, guilds and societies do you really think they are representing your best interests? Do you know that there is two electrolysis guilds that have already accepted and enthusiastically endorse laser parlors? How do you feel about having no choice and that if want to get your name out on the Internet you must ask yourself why you have to be listed with the uneducated, unethical and finally the unlicensed and unregistered electrologists?


The Five Star Electrologists Guild is not for slackers this organization needs hard working electrologists who care and want security while improving the quality of our chosen profession.


This in turn improves the value of life for your families, children and loved ones. Nonetheless, we need to organize, we need to work together, communicate and organize by our actions we can put an end to the menace, the Laser Parlors.  Laser Parlors are liars, cheats and swindlers that have attacked our profession for far to long. By exposing the lasers fraud, deceit and treachery and they will be put out of business by the example we set.


The Laser Parlors operators are proven sociopaths for no other Quacks in history have gotten away with such outrageous theft of the consumer as long as they have.


One study after another proves the danger, the risk and reality that it does not work. Just by organizing with team effort and hard work the FSEG™ will put an end to the menace.  Bad public press, lawsuits and ultraviolet cancer causing radiation exposure have weakened and wounded the Laser Parlors.  Time and the truth have proven we are the best and only the profession that can perform and advertise permanent hair removal. However the Laser Parlors are backed corrupt financiers and we must constantly challenge them before their money purchases the votes the need to advertise permanent hair removal.  Sounds impossible but we must work harder until they shut down.

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