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Boston Electrolysis® Federal Trademark Registration No. 3601889
Boston Electrolysis® Award  and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston Award Recipient©

Pour Le Corps

224 Clarendon Street, Suite 21

(Corner Of Newbury Street)

Boston, MA, 02116

Boston® Electrolysis Award Boston Magazine 1998 
Pour Le Corps Best of Boston Award Recipient?

Day Spa Boston, Skin Care, Body Care, Laser Hair Removal

Trademark Infringement of Boston Electrolysis®

 Patrice J. Oneill Owner of Pour Le Is A Liar & Trademark Infringer ©

You're Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., and Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
7330 East Earl Drive Suite Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Owner & Founder of Boston Electrolysis®
Boston Electrolysis® Federal Trademark Registration No. 3601889


All About Sean Patrick Oneill Websites

Sean Patrick Oneill President
Visual Environs, Inc AKA &
38 Pilgrim Road
 Holliston, MA 01746

Dirty Business Tactics By Sean Patrick Oneill President, Visual Environs Inc  AKA &

Sean Patrick Oneill & Sister Patrice J. Oneill of Pour Le Corps Boston's Brother & Sister Trademark Infringer's

So everyone will know where to find and contact Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill and his main business is Visual Environs, Inc. and his websites and Just to let you know Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill is a business owner I would never trust let alone spend a nickel on in addition to the fact that he is hacker of websites. Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill in behalf of his sister Patrice J. Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps been infringing my trademark business name Boston Electrolysis® with the aid of her brother Sean Patrick Oneil owner of This brother and sister team are stealing traffic from my websites by using my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. and professional reputation. I fear most likely the illegal acts committed by Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill and his sister Patrice J. Oneill have  been done out of extreme hatred and jealousy and in my opinion both of them are in a clear violation of The Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Act and its my opinion that both of them have an extreme dislike or should I say hatred for members of the GLBT Community.

First, I would like to announce that on April 14, 2009, the Federal government awarded to me United States Registration No. 3,601,889 for the trademark Boston Electrolysis®.  This Federal registration constitutes prima facie evidence of the validity of the trademark and its registration, and of my (the trademark owner's) exclusive nationwide right to use the mark in commerce in connection with providing hair removal services.  The registration also constitutes notice to all parties that the trademark Boston Electrolysis® is the exclusive property of me, Kimberly Williams.

Second, I would like every licensed electrologist to take pride in being an electrologist because the last twelve years has been an ongoing struggle for the electrologists to take back our profession from the less ethical "Laser Parlor Operators" like Patrice Oneill. Since the inception of temporary laser hair removal the Internet has completely changed how electrologists advertise from the out dated phone books to the Internet. However the law has not caught up with the devious predatory advertising tactics used by Sean Patrick Oneill and his sister Patrice J. Oneill a Massachusetts licensed electrologists.

Honest electrologists are well aware of the few electrologists that turned their backs on our chosen profession to become "Combination Electrologists Laser Operators". Additionally these misguided turncoats to our chosen profession signed long-term ironclad leases for their state of the art "Looney -Tunes Duck Dodgers 24TH Century Laser Hair Removal Gadgets and Gizmos." The Laser Industry was and still is in desperate straits for the least bit of recognition so they have sought out the less skilled and unethical licensed electrologists to become laser parlor operators nonetheless out of the 853 licensed electrologists in Massachusetts only 10 to 15 use the laser. Professionally speaking I do not shed one tear for the "Combination Electrologist Laser Operators" who are locked into their ironclad contracts from $500.00 to $5000.00 per-month for they have become willing partners in temporary laser hair removal scams from the day they signed their leases they knew that laser hair removal was a total failure, temporary at best and dangerous to say the least. Yet in these hard economic times our "Combination Electrologists Laser Operators" are putting the old squeeze on the last remaining uninformed consumers while deceptively advertising under the disguise of my trademarked Boston Electrolysis®.  The resurgence of electrolysis has hit "Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators" right where it hurts, in their pocketbooks and after 14 years and counting American consumers have wised up to the fact the Laser Hair removal is temporary and a scam.

Oh, how the high and flighty have fallen and when the laser parlor operators first came out they predicted the end of the Electrolysis Profession and now they have become the down and out "Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators". It is they who are financially strapped and locked into their leases with no out other than bankruptcy or reneging on their expensive monthly leases. Reneging on their leases would be costly or destroy their business and result in bankruptcy or destroy their credit rating.

At this very moment many "Combination Electrologists Laser Operators" have had a religious awakening and  have seen the light and  many have  repented and reputed  temporary laser  hair removal while quietly dusting off their outdated electrolysis epilators to  replace or supplement their fading laser parlor revenues. Many of them have become self-righteous "Born Again Electrologists" who preach the almighty true blue gospel of electrolysis as the only known method that achieves permanent hair removal while these sinners shamefully hide their lasers in the closet with the rest of their skeletons like; No-Needle-Electrolysis, Trans dermal Electrolysis, Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor and non-licensed electrologists titles with other various quack products. No if and or butts about it is my professional opinion that the "Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators" are the antithesis of what an electrologist should not be along with their complete lack of professionalism and disrespect for their colleagues they continue to plunder their peer's practices with illegal devious and deceptive Internet advertising tactics that I have ever witnessed.

For faithful honest electrologists who weathered the storm and whose practices are thriving while the few remaining desperate "Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators" are using illegal "Search Engine Optimization tactics" to steal traffic from honest hard working electrologists brand name websites. One in particular "Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator" composes and Patrice Oneill  has posted a plethora of her own testimonials on and all the local Boston websites and just compare how they all sound like the same writer.


I recall and will never forget when laser parlor operators first came out they said, "Their primary goal was to put the electrolysis profession out of business." Well it 2011 and that did not happen and now the tables are turned and laser parlor operators and the last remaining "Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators" are in a quagmire of deep financial trouble. These unethical remaining "Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators" brazenly defy laws and professional ethics, rules and regulations that were enacted to protect the consumer. On the other hand now that where in a recession the public demands permanent hair removal while frantic "Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators are stuck with their expensive leases were many of them illegally advertise under electrolysis using their old bait and switch scams were some of them actually steal and infringe upon honest hard working electrologists by outright Internet Piracy of their Federal Trademarked business names by actually stealing the identity of honest hard working electrologists intellectual property.


Therefore I have created the Boston Electrolysis® Wannabe Fan Club© for the intellectually deprived jealous down and outers known as "Combination Electrologists Laser Operators" that illegally advertise as Boston Electrolysis. People like Sean Patrick Oneill are Internet Leeches that abuse and infringe another person's intellectual property rights and creativity actually learn to believe their own lies. Some call it jealousy, some call it envy but in my book it's the parents fault for sparing the rod when they caught their daughter or son for stealing that candy-bar or going through Mom's pocketbook or Dads wallet...


The Boston Electrolysis® Award is a complete hoax fabricated by Sean Patrick Oneill and sister Patrice J. Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps and Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator and owner the web-farce known as Pour Le Corps in reality it is known as the Best of Boston Award recipient from Boston Magazine. While Patrice J. Oneill of Pour Le Corps claims to have won Boston's Magazines award for permanent hair removal services I Googled "Boston's Magazines award for permanent hair removal service" and there is no such award. Also Patrice J. Oneill a Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator and owner of Pour Le Corps claims to be the winner of The Boston Electrolysis® Award and myself being the owner and founder of Boston Electrolysis® I would did not give Sean Patrick Oneill and sister Patrice J. Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps the Boston Electrolysis® Award© because I never created it. However if I could give Patrice J. Oneill and her webmaster brother  Sean Patrick Oneill an award it would be "The Pinocchio Award", The Telling Tall Tales Award & Whopper Lies" for his and her false claims and fabrication of "The Boston Electrolysis® Award©" is her way of saying they are jealous that I own Boston Electrolysis®. However if Patrice J. Oneill seeks real success there is only one way to achieve it; honesty, work hard and take pride in what you do and most important respect other people's property because Patrice J. Oneill when you infringe my trademark Boston Electrolysis® you humiliate yourself, shame your family and honest hard working Irish Americans.

Patrice Oneill claim that she won the Boston Electrolysis® Award© is a fabricated lie!

Without doubt Sean Patrick Oneill and Patrice J. Oneill is the owner of Pour Le Corps A Skin & Laser Parlor located at Clarendon Street, Boston Massachusetts, 02116 and her webmaster Brother Sean Patrick Oneill, of 38 Pilgrim Road, Holliston, MA 01746, Phone 617-332-9205 have and are in the top running to be the first members of my Bostons Liars Club. Sean Patrick Oneill and sister Patrice J. Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps a Boston Day Spa are habitual blatant illegal Trademark infringer's of Boston Electrolysis® who deceives the consumer from locating quality Massachusetts licensed & registered electrologists listed in the directory of Boston Electrolysis Yellow Pages .

Without one doubt there is only one Boston Electrolysis® which is also known as, and Boston Electrolysis and Boston School of Electrolysis and  which was founded and owned completely by myself. Being the "Founder of Boston Electrolysis®" has been challenging because I do encounter certain unethical bottom-feeders who like to claim they are associated with me; then again they are illegally using my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. These envious imitators Sean Patrick Oneill and sister Patrice J. Oneill have the gall to illegally lie and advertise they are Boston Electrolysis®.

In 1991 I relocated to the Great State of Arizona for health reasons and its beautiful warm sunny climate where "Western Hospitality" abounds with warm hearted friendly people and the vast beautiful open spaces and the Big Sky of the West. Then again being a Bostonian at heart and missing Boston just a tad bit here and there is the reason why I named my practice Boston Electrolysis® and purchased all the Boston Electrolysis® domains However it's my hard work not theirs that has made Boston Electrolysis® a successful professional establishment and the Internets biggest and best websites that takes a stand against the scams of temporary laser hair removal and the dishonest " Electrologists Laser Operators."

The fact that I possessed the business intuition, foresight and good luck of being at the right place at the right time I purchased all the Boston Electrolysis® domains. However it was most apparent in my conversation with her webmaster brother Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill who expressed his jealousy and covetousness that I own Boston Electrolysis and he said because I reside in Arizona I do not have the right to own and use the name Boston Electrolysis® even though I own the Federal Trademark. Additionally he accused me of monopolizing my own business name Boston Electrolysis®. In addition Sean Patrick Oneill said in his "Poor Wittle Ole Me" tone of voice said, "I know what you're trying to do, you're trying to monopolize all the Boston Electrolysis Internet pages." Well I replied, "I am guilty of promoting my own business name which is none your business."  However if I could I ask Sean Patrick Oneill, "Sean how come you monopolize Pour Le Corp AKA on Google and don't you think that's most unfair to the poor French people who live in France?" and you and your sister do not live in France.

On the other hand Sean Patrick Oneill the webmaster for  pourlecorps.con, and oneillindustiressllc.con makes it obvious that he and his sister are "Devout Avid Ultra Francophiles" who live in glass house and one can only wonder why they unfairly monopolize the French non-trademarked name Pour Le Corps which in English which means" Care For the Body". Since Patrice J. Oneill and webmaster brother Sean Patrick Oneill are Boston Electrolysis® wannabes who illegally advertise as Boston Electrolysis®.

Yes, Boston Electrolysis® is a excellent name for an electrologists practice nonetheless it took years of my hard work writing educational articles and making Boston Electrolysis® & Boston School of electrolysis known as and Boston Electrolysis® known as as recognized Brand Names websites. But I know for a fact that if Patrice J. Oneill worked as hard as I do and wrote some copy she could turn Pour Le Corps also known as pourlecorps.con into a recognized website however it's obvious she will not make the time and investment to make pourlecorps.con a success when all she has to do is call her brother Sean Patrick Oneill to steal and infringe my Boston Electrolysis® trademark. Furthermore I politely asked Patrice J. Oneill to remove Boston Electrolysis® from her website pourlecorps.con. From there she advised me to speak with her attorney Anne Cushing of Dolan & Cushing Boston, MA. After conversing with Ms. Cushing she stated, "That she does not represent Patrice J. Oneill as her attorney." However I ask the consumers how could anyone trust someone who steals and infringes another person's business name, professional reputation and Trademark?

On April 14 I published this announcement that Boston Electrolysis successfully completed and passed its Federal Trademark process and is was issued its Federal Trademark Registration Number 3601889.


Boston Electrolysis® is not affiliated with the Trademark Infringer Patrice Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps also known in any form or manner.

Boston Electrolysis® Update & Addendum: Boston Electrolysis® is owned and operated by Kimberly Williams, R.E., and Dean. Boston Electrolysis ® is not responsible for any or all false claims made by the envious "Boston Electrolysis Wannabees" Patrice J. O'Neill and her webmaster brother Sean Patrick O'Neill of Pour Le Corps AKA Pourlecorps.con illegal theft of my Federally Trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. Also "The Boston Electrolysis® Awards claimed by Patrice and Sean Patrick Oneill is a deceptive hoax." In Addition Sean Patrick Oneill manages the secretive websites visualenvrirons.con and oneillindustiressllc.con which are websites you cannot enter unless you have a key-code.

Home Address & Telephones for
Patrice Oneill owner Pour of Le Corps
224 Clarendon Street Suite 21
Corner Of Newbury Street
Boston MA 02116

Patrice Oneill Home Address
Patrice J Oneill
10 Ladd Street.
Watertown, MA 02472 USA
(617) 332-9205

Home Address & Telephones for Sean Patrick Oneill, President of Visual Environs, Inc.

Sean Patrick Oneill President
Visual Environs, Inc. AKA
Corporate and Administration
 38 pilgrim Road
Holliston, MA 01746

PHONE: 774.233.2001
FAX:   774.233.2001

E-mail: Industries LLC Family Office.

Private Family office and family wealth management web site.
oneillindustriesllc.con/ -


Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Owner & Founder of Boston Electrolysis®

In a recent telephone conversation with Patrice J. O'Neill owner of Pour Le Corps, a laser parlor salon claiming to be a Day-Spa operates at Clarendon Street Boston, Massachusetts, I was confronted her with her  illegal use of my business name Boston Electrolysis®. This is not a new situation for me. I started my successful practice when living in Boston and have worked hard ever since to maintain the integrity and credibility of my business and professional reputation as a Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist. When I moved my life and practice to Scottsdale, Arizona I exercised what I took to be my right to move the business that I built with me; I have continued to build my practice and develop my websites as a free educational resource for consumers. In this conversation, I confronted her with her illegal usury of my Trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® and my educational websites Boston Electrolysis® & Boston School of Electrolysis. I may be old fashioned but I believe that one earns a right to one's intellectual and professional property through the years of dedication, hard work that I have invested into my practice. In a previous conversation Sean Patrick Oneill was acting like he owned Pour Le Corps, informed me that Day Spa Pour Le Corps in 1996 won the Best of Boston Award from Boston Magazine and it is not the Boston Electrolysis® Award! In my opinion this a onetime award given to customers for spending the most money advertising with Boston Magazine, since then they have not won again.

I asked the owner Patrice J. O'Neill to please respect my intellectual property rights and my business name Boston Electrolysis® which they have illegally inserted into their website on or about 2007. Now Pour Le Corp aka has fabricated another lie, "The Boston Electrolysis Awards "and it sounds like Pour Le Corps actually received an award from me, Boston Electrolysis®. Well after that their Internet listing reads, "Boston Electrolysis® and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston Electrolysis® Award Recipient" which is another concocted gross fabricated lie.

Since Patrice J. Oneill is the owner of Pour Le Corps and her brother Sean Patrick Oneill openly and illegally use my Federally Trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. The website pourlecorps.con is owned Sean Patrick Oneill and it is indexed by search engines and Pour Le Corps is posted close or next to my website BostonElectrolysiscom. In addition Patrice J Oneill and her brother Sean Patrick Oneill have inserted "Best of Boston Electrolysis Award and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston Award Recipient" on their website which makes them appear in the Boston Electrolysis search listing results. Nonetheless when you click on it you are illegally redirected to their site pourlecorps.con. On the INTERNET this is illegal and is known as Page jacking, Domain Squatting, Bandwidth, Identity Theft and more violations to numerous to list. Of course Patrice J. Oneill and webmaster brother Sean Patrick Oneill have resorted to advertising as Boston Electrolysis on Google Ads.


Boston Electrolysis
Best Of Boston Award Recipient                                    
Best Waxing - 20 years experience
pour le corps
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

On the other hand Sean Patrick Oneill and sister Patrice J. Oneill the owner of Pour Le Corps refuses to understand that Boston Electrolysis® websites,, and is about 1,000 cyber-pages of hard work. For over 10 years I have labored long hours researching for articles and invested thousands of dollars and over 3500 computer hours of my time so the public has the opportunity to read and learn the truth that electrolysis always triumphs over temporary laser hair removal and not the slanted type and hype of unethical businesses and advertising practices by disreputable "Dishonest Electrologists Laser Operators " who twist and torment the truth into lies let alone the fact they are too lazy to sit down and actually write their own copy.

Trademark infringer's are thieves and people like Patrice Oneill knows full well that I do not accept  dishonest electrologists that  infringe my trademark on my Boston Electrolysis® Yellow Pages. Patrice and Sean Patrick Oneill think my trademarked business name is what brings my success when it's years of my hard work and they are "Internet Leeches and Trademark Infringer's. In my opinion Patrice Oneill has no respect for my hard work that has made Boston Electrolysis® successful however I believe if she applied just a little sweat and hard work she could make an off-beat weird business name like Pour Le Corps also known as Pour le corps a success. However it my opinion its obvious she has an aversion to doing honest days and steals and infringes my trademark Boston Electrolysis®!

Boston Electrolysis® takes a professional pride in its stand against temporary laser hair removal and the greedy less skilled "Non-licensed Electrologists Laser Operators who try to dominate and push the electrologists off the Internet Electrolysis and Hair Removal Pages. Therefore three years ago I created the Boston Electrolysis Yellow Pages on which is Boston's only and largest "No Laser Directory" of Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologists. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts there are approximately 853 practicing Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologists and of out them only 10 to 15 of them have turned their back on their "Professional Peers" and become "Combination Electrologists Laser Operators".

With the present economy consumers demand for "Permanent Hair Removal that can only be achieved by electrolysis" and Pour Le Corps blatant theft and willful infringement of my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® the honest consumer will always shop elsewhere for their professional services.

However we have to ask how come Laser Operators always advertise under electrolysis? Answers "Temporary Laser Hair Removal is a complete failure and greedy Combination Electrologists Laser Operators" are locked into long-term contracts and have to pay an outrageously expensive monthly lease for their equipment or go bankrupt. With big Laser Parlor Chains like Sona Laser shutting down the small time Laser Parlors are in deep financial debt and trouble and they will break the law and steal to get the money to pay that monthly lease.

Additionally Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill asked me to list any notable scholastic achievements so I mentioned my lecture series at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Electrolysis, Endocrinology, and Human Sexuality and with a smattering of psychology.

Boston Electrolysis is located at,

Boston Electrolysis
Kimberly Williams, R.E.,Dean
7330 E. Earll Drive Suite J
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Phone 480-607-8121


A Boston based laser parlor and skin care salon known as Pour Le Corps Day Spa is illegally advertising as Boston Electrolysis. Their fraudulent use of my identity and trademarked business name," Boston Electrolysis" on the Internet is obvious and on its website pour le without my written authorization. It is my professional opinion that their willful theft and infringement of my Intellectual Property Boston Electrolysis® is done to attain new clients a better ranking from my top rated educational websites and, which are the largest and most informative educational electrolysis websites on the Net regarding quality electrolysis. Boston Electrolysis® with its factual reports on the slippery downside and dangers of radioactive emitting temporary Laser Hair Removal.

Below are copies of Pour Le Corps actual theft and listing where they claim and state to be the following, "Boston Electrolysis Award and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston."


Boston Electrolysis
Best of Boston Award Recipient
Best Waxing - 20 years experience Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

Boston Electrolysis
Best of Boston Award Recipient
Best Waxing - 20 years experience Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

Pour Le Corps

Best of Boston® Electrolysis Award
Boston Magazine 1998
wwww.pourlecorp.  Clarendon Street, Suite 21


Boston, Electrolysis

Best Of Boston® Electrolysis Award
Boston Magazine 1998
wwwx.pourlecorp. , MA-Manchester, NH

Electrolysis Boston

Best Of Boston® Electrolysis Award
Boston Magazine 1998
pour le corp
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

Boston Electrolysis Best
Student Discounts are Available
Complimentary Topical Anesthetics
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

Pour Le Corps
Best of Boston Electrolysis Award
Student Discounts Available
224 Clarendon Street, Suite 21

Boston Electrolysis Best
Student Discounts are Available
Complimentary Topical Anesthetics
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

Boston, Electrolysis
Best Of Boston®
Electrolysis Award Boston
Magazine 1998

Boston, Electrolysis
Best Of Boston®
Electrolysis Award Boston
Magazine 1998

Search Listing Result On That Page See Third Line where they state, "Boston Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston"


Please note the very beginning of the third line where Pour Le Corps claim they are," Boston Electrolysis."

Electrolysis Boston: Electrologist Licensed Boston Massachusetts Electrolysis Hair removal MA

Boston Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston Award Recipient. ... electrolysis for over 15 years and has received the Best of Boston award from ...
pour le corps electrolysis - 31k - Cached - More from this site

Pour Le Corps Claims Permanent Hair Removal by Laser Hair Removal.

Pour Le Corp Day Spa of Boston Massachusetts who claims on their website pourlecorps.con that Temporary Laser Removal Is permanent on the page below.
pou rle corps

 EDGE Boston: Business Directory

Pour Le Corps - Day Spa. A coveted Best of Boston Award recipient from Boston Magazine. Boston's premier provider of Laser and Electrolysis hair removal ...

Best  Electrolysis Boston
pour le corps Best of Boston® Electrolysis Award Boston

Boston Magazine 1998
Electrolysis Boston: Electrologist Licensed Boston Massachusetts ...Boston Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Best of Boston Award Recipient.
pour le corps

For the record Boston Electrolysis® is not affiliated with Pour Le Corps in any legal form or manner nor do I endorse any of their products or treatments that they illegally claim to provide as Boston Electrolysis®. Furthermore I wish they would refrain from stealing and inserting my trademarked business name, Boston Electrolysis® in their website Pour Le Corps. Pour Le Corps should use their own business name and rely upon their own hard work and stop living off of my professional reputation, hard work and trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. Many times I have politely requested that Patrice Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps not to use my business name and the professional reputation of Boston Electrolysis to seek new clientele for her economic woes.

Hidden Meta-Tags and Trade names!

There has been a lengthy debate about whether a competitor's trademark, when used as a Meta-tag or is elsewhere hidden on a website or web page as a hidden subliminal Internet message. This constitutes and is willful infringement of that competitor's trademark. A recent First Circuit Court of Appeals decision ruled and now says it does (Venture Tape Corp. v. Mcgills Glass Warehouse).

Boston Electrolysis® Notice!

Federal Trademark for Boston Electrolysis®!

Boston Electrolysis has completed and has been awarded its Federal Trademark. If you're a violator using Boston Electrolysis without authorization you are lazy.

Something that Pour Le Corps Day Spa and other trademark violators need to know that "willful" trademark infringement also known as theft raises the ante considerably that a violator will be brought to the attention of the public. The fines and penalties for Trademark violation range up to $1 million per violation however the public humiliation that you have to infringe my  federal trademark says just how Patrice J. Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps runs her business.

Intelligent business owners and educated consumers know that trademarks are powerful tools for protecting their business name and professional status. Don't let "Boston Electrolysis® Wannabes©" fool you with hidden Meta tags. Trademark violators are thieves risking their financial status and resources. Furthermore they have lost their respectability and credibility and standing in the professional community for their obvious disrespect of the law.

Laser Hair Removal Is Dangerous and causes "Melanoma"!

Additionally it is my firm belief the Ultraviolet Radiation emitted from laser hair removal equipment is dangerous and can cause A-melanoma" one of the most deadly skin cancers with no pigment. The laser used in temporary hair removal lightens moles and dangerous skin cancer lesions are difficult if not impossible to detect dangerous cancerous melanoma" until it's too late.


Consumer beware most but not all small claims courts will rule and say, If you have had Laser Hair Removal and the owner of the Laser Parlor Operator stated, "In writing it was permanent hair removal, Most likely you will get your money back in a small claims court if you have a copy of the advertisement from a publication or from their website. However the FDA ruling forbids "Laser Parlor Operators" to advertise or claim Permanent Hair Removal and since did not achieve permanent hair removal with you Laser Hair Removal at Pour Le Corp or any other Laser Parlor that gave that you a written guarantee you should apply for a refund and if they refuse take a copy of their website advertisement where they claim and say "Laser Hair Removal is a modern high/tech method of permanent hair removal that can safely disable several hair follicles with a simple pull of the trigger. If it's in writing you will have a good chance for a full refund but I cannot guarantee that.


One must contemplate why Patrice J. Oneill cannot distinguish right from wrong where she illegally advertises as Boston Electrolysis®? For the record I deplore trademark infringement is an old time scam that has wore out its welcome.


Nonetheless honest people know one true fact, "That only the dishonest steal from honest hard working people". As a society we ask ourselves do thieves have a short circuit with uncontrollable impulse to steal. Or are they like what most people believe that being a criminal is a learned behavior passed down from one generation to the next? Many believe the criminal mind has an inborn defect with an aversion to do an honest day's work. On the other hand we know one hundred percent criminals are sociopaths incapable of telling the truth.


Nonetheless Bostonians seeking professional services that have read this disclaimer about Pour Le Corps willful infringement and theft of my Federally Trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® will become concerned. Now they are informed consumers and they will contemplate how I can trust them if they deceptively lie in their Google Ads advertisements as Boston Electrolysis®? Patrice J. Oneill owner of Pour Le Corps and her webmaster brother Sean Patrick Oneill have allot to answer for and seem unaware that their theft of my Federally Trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis is a crime. In the end Patrice J. Oneill and her brother Sean Patrick Oneill will learn the hard way that people despise those who steal from others and they will seek services at an honest Professional Establishment.

However when it comes to honesty, integrity call Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean at and for Permanent Hair Removal that really works. In the end how do we judge a trademark infringer who uses my business name? Well they only way to judge Patrice J. Oneill actions and her webmaster  brother Sean Patrick Oneill that blatantly steal and willfully infringe my trademarked business name and advertises under Boston Electrolysis®  means that their applications for membership in the Boston Electrolysis Wannabe® Fan Club© are hereby denied.

Thank you for time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean,

and Addendum: In addition Boston Electrolysis® is not responsible for any or all claims made by Pour Le Corps are con artists.

Copyright and all rights reserved Boston Electrolysis®  and Boston School of Electrolysis © July 2009