Gravity is one of the most powerful forces in the known universe and slime cannot resist it.

Gravity always drags the slime to the bottom of the sewage system otherwise known as the “OOZE POOL”. So when you find yourself or your business listed here it is not because you are not a do-gooder or an angel, its because you joined the resident forces of slime and evil, yes I said, “Evil.” The Ooze Pool is for you scam artists, bunko boys and girls and fraud artists who knowingly inflict physical emotional pain and financial loss and harm to a person or persons with an unwanted hair problem which by the way makes you a menace to society. Being listed on The Spotlight On Slime© clearly identifies you as an unwanted undesirable character commonly known as a sociopath. For the record you will be listed here until you have rehabilitated yourself and demonstrated true remorse and that you have made restitution to your victims. So people, The Spotlight of Slime© is “The Court Last Resort” where you the citizen can seek justice and have solace by exposing them and making them known to the public at large. Other folks can pass the word along that the Ooze Pool is exactly where the slime belongs. By doing this we can make it difficult if not impossible for them to steal from others let alone the embarrassment they will suffer being stuck in the ooze pool.

The Spotlight On Slime has taken an oath of allegiance to expose all of you bottom-feeding lowlifes who have victimized honest hard working people who have an unwanted hair problem from minor to severe.

This also includes all private, public and political forces that are out to undermine all the good work of state licensed and registered electrologists. Being a licensed and registered electrologist for twenty-five years I’ve see allot of wrongs perpetrated by scam artists otherwise known as criminals who plague our profession and feed on the public like the vampires they are. These psychotic sociopaths will be exposed The Spotlight on Slime©, which will give them a lifetime of shame, and they shall be marked for life.

The Spotlight On Slime© will be the consumer’s bully pulpit against evil and wrong doers for this is the Court of Last Resort were you the people vote with the written word!

Readers who are state licensed and registered electrologists or consumers can submit your articles and voice your complaints here. Please be aware that when you send your complaint to be slimed for authenticities sake your name, address and telephone number, which will be held in the strictest confidence, must be verifiable. Foul, rude and obscene language will not be accepted or used in any from or manner and will end up in the circular file. This is done in reverence because the English language blesses us with so many beautiful words to describe people of ilk and ill repute.

Unlike other electrolysis consumer websites who are just gatherers of information who sell your privacy to spammers!

The Boston School Electrolysis™ will never sell your information to anybody period. There are so many consumer electrolysis websites who claim to have your best interests at heart. So please bare in mind if you visit a consumer electrolysis that is not written by a state licensed and registered electrologists or a legitimate non-profit corporation that alone bares your scrutiny. In addition, if that consumer electrolysis website does not have a storefront window listing the owner, a real physical address just not some place in cyberspace where nobody is home. In addition, they must have a landline telephone and a business license in the town or city where they conduct business. If the consumer electrolysis website does not possess those credentials than they are spammers that have already invaded your privacy by gathering information to sell your privacy to the highest bidder. So do not be surprised if you join a forum or post an article that you will not be spammed to death.

How do I submit my complaint to Spotlight On Slime©?

For your complaint to be considered for placement on The Spotlight on Slime© you must use your real name and address with verifiable telephone number and email address. In addition all attachments and unidentifiable addresses such as or are deleted. In addition your name, email, address and telephone will not be printed unless requested. To submit your complaint to the Spotlight On Slime© send your email to Just click on the link provided here and please keep your complaints factual, simple and to the point.

In the very future The Boston school of Electrolysis™, The Five Star Electrologist©, will publish a list on known scam artists, rip-offs and degenerates as a public service regarding all forms temporary of hair removal. So if you have been a victim that has suffered permanent skin damage by a laser parlor I will publish your photograph and write an article in support of you.

In summation I Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, now offer my services as an expert professional witness before a court of law involving litigation against laser hair removal malpractice.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Chief Editor, Five Star Electrologist©
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2004

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