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Kimberly Williams R.E., DEAN


Andrea James our Beloved,
Jackbooted Kammandantessa

Well it seems Andrea James our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa claims and has told others that I have set up a hate Andrea James website.

Well let me answer that with the truth and say, "As long as you continue to lie and slander me plus use steal my identity by using my name Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean and my business name Boston School of Electrolysis™ and my domain I will report and expose for your crimes against myself and others. Furthermore our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa stated, “That I am a conspiracy nut who is convinced a vast array of forces are lined up to destroy the Electrolysis Industry." In reply to that you can ask any educated legitimate licensed and registered electrologists that does not believe in temporary laser hair removal who knows first hand how the underhanded uneducated Laser Parlor Industry shadows, mimics and even claim they do electrolysis to get the consumer in their door. "It's known fact that sleazy Laser Parlor Operators advertisements target legitimate licensed and registered electrologist's practices.

Furthermore our blessed Jackbooted Kammandantessa claims that she is a reporter, not a promoter and that she wants consumers to have as much information as possible so they can make an informed choice.

However our Jackbooted Kammandantessa does not mention that she lie, will, cheat, steals and plagiarize honest peoples work and calls it her own in addition to accepting pay offs by the Laser Parlor Industry and non-licensed certified electrolgists for her endorsement. Furthermore she plays dirty tricks and uses “Mc McCarthyism Yellow Journalism" and character assassination is her specialty. Our wanabe reporter has claimed to have a degree in English however the University Of Chicago where she claims to have attended has no record of her. Her next scam was to provide financial advice and planning for Transsexuals however she forgot to mention to them she filed for bankruptcy shortly after SRS and that she maxed out her credit cards to pay for her SRS and extensive plastic-surgery, another Master Charge moment. What's next? Oh, her website she claims to be a voice and speech therapist conversely she forgot to go to school for that and another one of her scams failed. From there our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa unknowingly started giving advice on electrolysis even though she never went to school for electrolysis. However some of her best buddies are self proclaimed and anointed certified non-licensed electrologists whom she is constantly is giving advice and kickbacks.

Furthermore our Jackbooted Kommandantessa stated, “I hope my commercial-free site has earned your trust as a reliable hair removal resource."

However our beloved Jackbooted Kommandantessa does not understand that she has repeatedly broken her word and lost her way regarding honesty and trust. As far as being a reliable source for hair removal that's a joke, for she has been hoodwinking the public for far to long and it's about time they tar and feather Andrea James and ride her out of town on rail.

However when I was little I had a favorite Aesop Fable that I like to read and I remember to this very day it was about the adversities that we all face in life.

The story started off with an argument between the Wind and the Sun and they where arguing however they agreed that whoever can force the traveler to take off his cloak will be considered the stronger. The contest started off with the Sun saying you begin so the Sun retired behind a cloud and the Wind began to blow as hard as it could upon the traveler. But the harder the wind blew the more closely did the traveler wrapped his cloak around him, till at last the Wind had to give in despair. Then the Sun came out and shone in all his glory upon the traveler, who soon found it to hot to walk with his cloak on and took it off.

The moral of the story is simple and hopefully the child will grasp the concept of the fable and realize that it wrong to force your will, beliefs and self upon others. 

Than at the end of the Aesop's Fable its states, “Kindness affects more than severity." As children we are innocent however many of us become harsh cold cynical adults. Nevertheless I am optimist and I believe that good overcomes evil however its most apparent Andrea James is just another blowhard that refuses to yield to honest and what is right. Andrea James our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa believes “The ends justify her means" and that she can do no harm and no wrong and that she alone has the right to break the law and inflict pain plus her ill begotten beliefs upon others and myself.  Nonetheless spiritually she is bankrupt and has failed to consider the power of the Sun, which in actuality is the strength of our spirit.

Nevertheless in reality our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa never learned the concept to respect others rights and property because its obvious she grew up to be an inane selfish bully who if necessary will destroy other people life's to gets what she wants.

Eventually she will self-destruct before she will admit she is wrong. Additionally she thinks she has the God given right to take the law into her own hands and become the judge, jury and executioner of all people she disagrees with or dislikes. Fact our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa is not to be trusted with something as precious your privacy because that word means nothing to her for she lies like a cheap rug and will compromise your privacy to make a buck or two or just to get her way on the most insignificant matter.

Fact on all her websites,, and our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa guarantees and promises to protect your privacy.

Wrong and beware she is a bottom feeding two-bit two-timing two-faced double dealing liar, cheat and thief and for the record I hereby quote our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa where she claims on all her websites and promises to protect your privacy and states, “All correspondence becomes the property of,,, and claims “Your privacy is my utmost concern. Your identifying information and email address will not be shared with anyone for any purpose. If correspondence is incorporated into materials on the site, all identifying information will be removed, and I will make every effort to work with you to ensure your privacy." On her other website forum she promises to protect you privacy and clearly states, “All postings are the property of Deep Stealth Productions, Inc., with limitations as described hereafter. Posting on this board gives implied consent to this effect. Names, photos, personally identifiable information, and member identities will never be used without permission except as indicated above in cooperation with legal authorities, but helpful information may be compiled into informational resources for the community and later distributed stripped of personally identifiable information through Deep Stealth Productions, Inc."

However to all of you out there in Cyber-Space she refuses to respect my privacy and has posted my private emails where she altered the text and content on them even though they where sent in privacy and than she posted them her websites, and forum 

Fact and for the record those private emails where she altered the text and content to make me look bad where never sent to her online forum and where never meant to be published in any form or manner period. Fact she has repeatedly violated my privacy and lied and made it look that I signed on to her forum and posted those emails and for the record and under the penalties of perjury I never did so. I reiterate my emails where she altered the text where sent to her in strict privacy that she guaranteed to myself and she broke her word. So let me ask you do you think she is trustworthy after repeatedly breaking her written word? Hell no, she has proven herself to be habitual liar, cheat and thief also know as a habitual criminal.

Well so much for her broken words, promises and lies and now a warning to all consumers and electrologists and other interested parties Andrea James our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa is not to be trusted with something as precious your privacy.

Fact and for the record her word means nothing and beware she will compromise your privacy for her selfish ambition and greed. Nonetheless through this difficult situation when I first caught her Pagejacking and stealing my intellectual property and notified her of her crimes against myself I Stated, “Andrea all you have to do is stop stealing from me and remove my name and all other information from your websites and I will provide you amnesty." Nevertheless our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa responded with more slanderous lies and has gone on another juvenile Internet Rampage and uncontrollable temper tantrums laced with her usual mode of operation where she uses hateful lies and slanders myself and try's to insult me with more theft my intellectual property. She has done this out pure malicious hatred of the worst kind all because I asked her to please stealing from me?

If you really checked Andrea James out and listened to her phony claims how she cares about “Her Sisters" you will discover they are gross exaggerated lies as is her whole life.

Fact and for the record I lectured at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 as a guest lecturer on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Psychology, Transsexualism. Without one doubt lecturing at Harvard Medical School was a humbling experience even though you are expressing your viewpoint. One fact that I learned is that a small percentage of Transsexuals have narcistic personality traits and disorders that is often overlooked or not dealt with.

This is why it is so important for Transsexuals to be in therapy for at least one year before surgery so unresolved issues can be dealt with.

However if you read about Andrea transition its like a steamroller she moves right along and ignores and fails to mention or discuses the value of therapy or her own feelings. Andrea James viewpoint of therapy is, “That I have to do this to get a letter for my SRS surgery". On the other hand it obvious she did not take the opportunity and think, maybe I can better myself with a little therapy?  Without one doubt its apparent Andrea James is afflicted with a most severe case of Malignant Narcism in addition to being an abusive out of control Psychopath that is totally preoccupied with herself. People with Malignant Narcism use other people as mere props in the spectacle of their lives. Andrea James “Malignant Narcism" is so easy to identify, just look at her sites where she only see her sisters as followers and God help you if you disagree with her because she uses her websites to hurt people.

One can easily observe Andrea James descending down the spectrum from the healthy narcissist who has a genuine concern and regard for the best wishes of others, to the more pathological abusive narcissist who is intensely needful of being aggrandized.

The malignant narcissist demands deference because she can not trust anyone to really think well of her, and its obvious she is moving down hill range from sensitivity to paranoia.
Furthermore complicating her situation is her Narcissistic Character, which is particularly vulnerable to mortification and equally intolerant of it or the slightest criticism.

Her websites,, and her forum and are set up as altars to worship her!

She uses her website to feed her an insatiable narcistic hunger and claims she is there to help “Her Sisters." However her list of victims is unending and she claims because she had electrolysis treatments that makes her the expert of hair removal. Well our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa gives bad advice with no scientific merit in fact she is wanabe electrologist with a monkey on her back and her fear of failure compels her to act without thinking. Fact you cannot have a difference of opinion with Andrea James because she is always right.

However her Malignant Narcism always gets the best of her and when she started in her quest to become a consumer hair removal advocate it did not take long for “Malignant Narcism" to take over and become visible.

When she writes her favorites words are I, I and myself and that she alone is the savior of the TS Community. However if you visit the beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa website forum she now has a “Special Subscription" offer for practitioners and manufacturers! Whom she allows their own keyed entry with the Practitioner Locator.  She claims she does all of this you so you may have chance to share your knowledge with consumers. However Andrea James claims it's a system where both consumers and professionals both benefit. However in my professional opinion the Kammandantessa is delivering the consumer on a silver platter to unethical non-licensed Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators sacrificial alters especially where she allows them on all pages under assumed names where the supposed Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operator pose as consumers with a hair problem.

So the consumer thinks there sharing their unwanted hair problem with others when in essence that person is an unscrupulous non-licensed electrologist or laser parlor operator whose only goal is to scam you of your money.

These unethical electrologists and consumers pretending to be a consumer like you say, “I know a wonderful electrologists in your area and here is his or her name and phone number." Than the consumer asks, "How do I know their good?" That's when they say, “I went to her myself and she did an excellent job." Consumer replies well that's good enough for me and than the pretender sets the hook and says, “Oh here's a link to her testimonials and you can contact them to verify them." From there most people are hooked however if you do send email to request confirmation beware one person can have hundreds of email addresses and the pretender has it all set up. However the ultimate scam is concluded when the Jackbooted Kommandantessa has them listed as a “Top Ten Contributor." Fact if have ever be suckered hook, line and sinker this one of the most evil cons I have ever seen.

If you are a careful consumer and investigate the backgrounds of the practitioners listed on her forum you will discover that up 95% or more are non-licensed certified electrologists and their business are in fly by night offices.

Fact most of the Laser Parlor Operators have no more than fifty hours of training at best. One must be really careful of the Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator who claims they can do it all and they have facials, micro-dermabrasion, acid peels plus a collection of this, that, these and those. However in my opinion that most dangerous of all situations is that you or your child could be talking to a sexual predator, serial killer, mugger or just a creep who gets kicks talking to you or your child about your intimate hair problem. Fact Andrea James claims they are professionals however she does not require and refuses to do a background check for any of them and if you read the Kammandantessa's disclaimer it is evident she is not concerned if something goes wrong.

However it is my professional opinion that all electrologsits should be state licensed and registered as electrologistds with a real business address and license with a real landline telephone and not unlisted some cell number like Andrea James uses.

Fact Andrea James does not have a land line telephone listed in her name and her office that you see on her website is a fake and stage props located at Nebraska Avenue. Her suites from Mail Boxes Etcetera to UPS Mailboxes Deep Stealth Productions 5419 Hollywood Blvd., # C142 Hollywood, CA 90027 Hollywood, CA. Andrea James has found her niche and runs her businesses like a Nazi Dictatorship where is to obeyed at all times and its well known fact persons afflicted with Malignant Narcism have no trouble finding followers. Again I reiterate her forums, and 90% of the electrologists listed are non-licensed unethical “Combination Electrologists Laser parlor Operators" that actually pretend to be a consumer with an unwanted hair problem. These charlatans prey upon innocent consumers who visit the forum and when they post ask, “Does anyone know a good electrologist in Anytown, USA? That's when the pretenders step in and the non-licensed “Combination Electrologists Laser parlor Operators and Non-licensed Electrologists AKA a Hacks jump in and say, “I know an excellent practitioner." Fact these quack Charlatans have the gall to pretend to be consumers and even post their own testimonials and recommend themselves while pretending that they have a hair problem.

Have you ever contemplated or asked why does Andrea James approve of and allow these non-licensed combination electrologists laser parlor operators on her forum to begin with?

There is a way to spot most of them because their listed as “Top Ten Contributors" The reason she approves of them is because the stroke her insatiable narcistic needs and supply her with cash pay offs or buy her gifts on her wish list at

Licensed electrologist whom she suckered and are listed on her website, and are afraid to ask the Jackbooted Kammandantessa to be removed or delisted from her because they have seen how she has attacked myself for requesting be delisted.

For the record I do not have one financial incentive or anything to gain in trying to make people aware of Andrea James. Additionally our beloved Jackbooted Kammandantessa false, slanderous accusations have no merit in addition to the fact that I refused to pay her a kickback. Let me tell you I asked Andrea James to remove my name and information from her websites, and So how did the Jackbooted Kammandantessa react with all out vicious attack on my character?

Well let me tell you I have been a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist for 27 years without one complaint.

In those 27 years I have succeeded when all other electrologists fail in addition to providing a written guarantee of excellence. Furthermore I lectured Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Psychology, Human Sexuality, and Transsexualism. Furthermore my lectures also included other assorted subjects such hormone therapy for TS'S regarding Endocrinology plus I always helped Transsexuals find doctors, physicians, therapists and employment and for the record I provided referrals to all of these services at no charge.

My biggest mistake in dealing with the Jackbooted Kammandantessa who has proved herself incapable of rationalizing the difference between right and wrong and to this day cyber stalks myself and my website.

Her Internet strategy is based on the fact that she has learned how much she can get away with and how many hits she can suck off other people websites. She alone thinks that she has the right to say who enters the Internet hair removal pages. This way is common thinking for people that have Malignant Narcism and our Jackbooted Kammandantessa who claims to be a super liberal in reality is right Nazi Fascist who is exposed when she is trying to block my website on the Internet. To do this she will use my name, domain, meta-tags as much as she can so you the reader will think your going to my website will actually end up on hers. Fact this is how she mistreats all her ‘Sisters".

However Andrea James who claims to have the best interests of the Transsexual Community has brought great pain and shame upon our community because she has no morals and ethics.

However Andrea James betrays all her Sisters and the general public for its easy see the our blessed Jackbooted Kammandantessa cannot trust people at all and her paranoia derived from her Malignant Narcism provides her paranoia more than enough fuel.

Conversely what amazes me is how greedy she is as she sits in front her only friend in the whole wide world, her computer.

However I am going to give some free advice Andrea James stop stealing from and if you to comment and give out electrolysis go to school like I did and earn a license and registration and work hard and give yourself to your profession for 27 years like I have and than maybe you just might understand what it is like to work for a living. Nevertheless your nothing but uneducated no account that has never worked an honest day in your whole life. Andrea James its lazy people like you who think nothing about slandering a hard working dedicated electrologist like myself. Fact you're nothing but a contemptible lazy sleaze that habitually lies your way through life let alone the fact that you are afraid to do an honest days work. Furthermore your donations and gifts to your wish list are nothing short of panhandling and you my dear are a bum, an Internet vagabond with way to make in this world except to beg.

In summation the only thing will ever get out life is societies contempt and disregard for your lazy pitiful ways and the fact that you're almost forty years old and you still have not got you foot in the door speaks of your character. In summation my dear Jackbooted Kammandantessa if you actually found a real job and worked hard instead of dreaming up scams of how to con people of their hard earned money you might have a little respect from others. Nonetheless if you refuse to get and honest job and continue to beg, borrow and steal your way through life they only friend you will have left is a loathing self pity as you look out between the bars of your cell.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

My Written Guarantee of Excellence

America's first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments.


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Andrea James AKA our beloved Jackbooted Kommandantessa

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My Qualifications

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist 1985©

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean started her career as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist in 1979 and after graduating from America's best electrolysis school "Miss Kelly's Of Electrology" founded in 1933. She became a Massachusetts Licensed and registered electrologist after successfully completing her studies and combined curriculum of 1100 hours of Theoretical Sciences in Endocrinology, Histology, Bacteriology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology, Electricity, Sterilization, Ethics and Hygiene & Sanitation. Her practical training consisted of 600 hours and after graduation she successfully passed her Massachusetts Dual State Board 2-hour written examination and practical examination. Since 1979 Kimberly is America's only practicing Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist that offers a written guarantee of excellence. In addition, Kimberly was guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Endocrinology, Electrolysis and Transsexuals. Furthermore she is the author of the published Scientific Electrologist© Journals, 1,2, 3 and 4. In 1985 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean in 1986 became America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©™ while being distributor for the R.A. Fischer Company the manufacturers, inventors and innovators of the first Medical Grade Computerized Epilators. Additionally Kimberly authored The Electrologists Diagnostic Case History, 1991© and The Electrologists Insertion Guide© 1993. Furthermore she authors all Certified Educational Upgrades and instruction articles for The Boston School Of Electrolysis™ AKA America's largest and informative electrolysis website written entirely by herself. In addition she is the "Chief Editor" author and publisher for The Five Star Electrologist© America's Online Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer©. In addition and she also authors the Electrolysis Exposé's byline Spotlight on Slime© of known Internet criminals, cyber stalkers and Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocates such as the emotionally disturbed and paranoid Andrea James of Deep of Deep Stealth Productions, 5419 Hollywood Blvd., Suite C142, Hollywood, CA 90027, Phone: 213-840-2602. Avoid her hate driven scam ridden prejudiced websites,,, and

Last but not least on the positive side Kimberly is the president and founder of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ for licensed and registered electrologists only. In addition Kimberly is extremely adept in the computer technology field and is a former distributor for computerized medical grade epilators, which is an important factor in choosing the most efficient and advanced equipment for the patient's electrolysis treatments.

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